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KNIME Analytics Platform

Basic enough for a beginner to use, but advanced enough to run complicated models

The interface and tool work really well. It is very simple to manage and manipulate. The aethstetic nature of the program could use some additional work, but the tool itself has worked well. For someone just entering this field it takes some learning, but is manageable. There are great example templates with actual data behind them to see how they work, which is very helpful.

KNIME Analytics Platform

Implementation required the good analytical skills, but provides more trusted results

We appreciate the ability to configure every process in the way we want. Knime Analytical platform gives us an ability to reuse R and Python modules, that works in our applications. We work with data of different types and sources and Knime almost never fails to read and per-process inputs. Knime is a powerful analytical tool, that could be applied to big spectrum of application. The vendor provides a lot of training materials, documentations, and examples. Visualisation tools are nearly perfect in Knime wich gives us an advantage in the interpretation of the results. Knime Analytical platform allows to work with geographical information and locate it on the Google maps. We also like and use the Knime's reporting tool that makes the publishing of results as easy as no other analytical platform has at the moment.

KNIME Analytics Platform, KNIME Server

Somewhat of a learning curve for DA novices, but overall very useful tool

Overall quite satisfied with this product