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Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Large amount of training materials on the web, easy to use, excellent UI

Great training materials available on the web, performance is acceptable with our type of instance, easy to use, great UI

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

we have worked w/ Microsoft for a long time; we know what to expect; we like Microsoft.

All good

Microsoft SQL Server, Other...

Glad to develop App using Visual Studio

With MS VS, C# and other programming languages are designed for creating a variety of applications that run on the .NET Framework. These languages are powerful, type-safe, and object-oriented. It provides rich code analysis APIs and it’s all open source on GitHub.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Microsoft SQL Server, Other...

Azure Machine Learning is great tool for data scientist.

Azure ML is perfect for a data scientist, but it’s a recipe for confusion for a business analyst. If you’re not a data scientist, but someone who, say, simply wants to predict next month’s sales so that the business can stock the right products, the Azure ML approach of providing only one proven algorithm per class of problem may be better. As a data scientist, using Azure ML you can draw on multiple models for anomaly detection, classification, clustering, and regression, four ways to score models, three ways to evaluate models, and six ways to train models. That’s a lot of stuff, and theoretically enough to process any kind of data in any kind of model, as long as you understand the business, the data, and the models.


Microsoft SQL Server

some modules are great, some not so much

Bugs in SSAS SSRS was difficult to develop in SSIS seems to be a great tool SQL SERVER tables seem reliable , easy to develop in, and nice to use.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server Implementation Lengthly but Justified by End Results

MS provided many on-line tools and resources to help with the installation of SQL Server. MS was also made experts available to help us when we became stuck during implementation.

Microsoft SQL Server

MS SQL Server provides solid foundation with capability growth

We have a large base of product knowledge and the integration with Excel is essential. We are also looking at a future expanding our capabilities and delivery with Power BI.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Very flexible and powerful, but has some bugs.

The interface allows for rapid development. There have been some bugs that caused roadblocks.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Azure ML Run Slow

Azure ML is a bit slow. Training on 50,000 data set toom 15 minutes. The data set was housed in the Azure Blob. We also rean into SWAGGER error, which we needed to reach out to Microsoft vender to help trouble shoot.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Implementation was easy but security needs to be thought ahead

The overall experience was good. Having a strategic relationship with MS enables us to have access to resources that typically would not be available to all other organizations. With that the ability to ask the right questions and have Design Sessions enabled us to understand the capability and have a better understanding of how the capability was going to be leveraged.