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RapidMiner Studio

A great, easy and comprehensive tool, but needs improvements in visualization.

The learning curve of Rapidminer is relatively less steep. There are enough tutorials accompanied by the program. Rapidminer is so easy to implement. Developers constantly include new models and improve the connectivity. However, visualization part is comparably not that good. Help documents are most of the time enough. The community portal is active and one can get an answer to his problems.


RapidMiner Studio

Review about RapidMiner Studio


RapidMiner Studio

It was fine

It was intuitive and easy to use

RapidMiner Server, RapidMiner Studio

Very Positive experience - Text analytics + Machine learning

Rapidminer, has been evolving quite nicely since the last 4 years I've been using, getting easier to use, and more intuitive yet very flexible and there almost nothing Rapidminer can't achieve if you know how to use it, or able to extend it. it plays well with other technologies like R and Python. Their training resources are getting better with time, I understand it's mainly targeted at larger enterprises, however, it might make sense to rethink the indie research strategy license wise, because it's still much harder to adopt than R or Python even though it's easier to use. I'm always fascinated by the options already in place, most of it is very well thought and the easy to grasp. My review is quite positive and it's well deserved, have had only good experiences with Rapidminer and with 7.4 out now most of the performance issues that could be a deal breaker is much improved.

RapidMiner Studio

Easy Manipulation of Data and Machine Learning Model(s) development

Worked well in terms of data preparation, and also advanced model development (predictive, text mining etc...)

RapidMiner Studio

Great potential for this tool with social media integration

We have recently acquired the solution and will be testing it. Early results have been encouraging.

RapidMiner Studio

Easy to install and get started, modern, open and broad platform for data science

We are happy with the product's openness to R and python and integration options, the wide range of algorithms, innovation. The support is very helpful and pro-active. I did not give full marks for the frequent license model changes that impacted us.

RapidMiner Studio

Straightforward product with a lot of depth. Stellar sales team and support

Straightforward to install/setup, training was great and a series of customer success sessions really made it possible to quickly implement an existing model into RapidMiner. Sales and support were both very responsive!

RapidMiner Studio

Rapidminer helps you achieve your goals faster.

We usually have used Rapidminer for prediction modeling with n-fold cross-validation and several classification algorithms. In terms of our project, the most effective feature of Rapidminer is the fact that we can use a lot of classification algorithm very easily without efforts when compared with other products. We can use all of the functions just by drag-and-drop. Compared to R or SAS, this feature makes it possible to increase the efficiency of works exponentially. efficiency Another interesting point is to provide logical flow through graphic user interface (GUI) panel. Looking at our work with flow charts, we can not only figure out the whole picture of our project easily but also find the error and fix it effectively. The Last feature is rich resources. In addition, Although there is already a number of kind of functions and algorithms that could be used for any kind of data science work, this product also provide extensions that include many very effective tools, which can be installed and used relatively easily.

RapidMiner Studio

Giving me quick start in machine learning and practical use of it.

As I am a beginner, it was amazing how fast one can do some practical analytics with rapid miner. Can be learned easy - the tool is very user-friendly.