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RapidMiner Server, RapidMiner Studio

Very efficient in data mining/machine learning applications

Rapid miner provides a stand-alone platform for complex data analytics. It's really user-friendly and there are lots of free materials for quickly learning and mastering the platform.

RapidMiner Studio

Robust functionality that is exceeds many users' experience.

The vendor has been very helpful. The challenge is there is a difference between knowing the tool and knowing the analysis techniques it implements and that gap can be significant.

RapidMiner Studio

Rapid Miner is easy to install and use. The built-in tutorial is useful.

Rapid Miner works normally. It gives expected results. A lot of video tutorials are available. A researcher can easily make a replication of the described examples and he (she) may test the proposed methods with different datasets.

RapidMiner Studio

Best Tool For a Business Intelligence class especially in the Data Mining area.

The vendor has been completely available to me and my students. We are satisfied with the data mining capabilities of Rapid Miner.

RapidMiner Studio

I am Blown away by its easy to use analytics and machine learning tools on local and cloud

I was deeply impressed by the drag and drop features of the application and especially Radoop capabilities. This software tool has given me a new vision for research and development activities.

RapidMiner Studio

Smart and Friendly Analytic Tools for Teaching Data Science

RapidMiner is the best open source analytic software that I have used to teach undergraduate and post-graduate students on data analytics, business intelligence and decision support. The interface is very friendly to non-programmers or even to non-IT background students. The visualization of the processes involved in data pre-processing or modeling is really helpful in teaching. The intuitive interfaces help students in learning the concepts really fast after few examples and demonstration. RapidMiner has a special program for academician and students called the RapidMiner Educational Program. My application for Educational Licence was instantly approved by RapidMiner. My licenced are not limited by any consraints and I can explore and use all RapidMiner features with my students with no worries. The RapidMiner Studio is also smart. RapidMiner has this feature call Wisdom of Crowds. This intelligent feature will make suggestions to users of operators that might be useful in the design. Its like I am having a virtual teaching assistant in my lab. However, the documentation is kind of poor and not much reference could be found online that students can refer to.

RapidMiner Studio

It was easy to implement RapidMiner.

We had a positive experience with using RepidMiner. RapidMiner Studio works fast, easy to use, and is a powerful tool. RapidMiner Studio 7.3 includes a new parallel execution framework that greatly improves the speed of our modeling processes and long-awaited support for high-resolution displays. It has a great training center.

RapidMiner Studio

A great way to start with data science

A seamless experience. Very user friendly and easy to use.

RapidMiner Studio

Overall great, but need more work on documentation

RapidMiner is the best open-source machine learning tool currently on market I've ever seen. The GUI interface is friendly to non-programmers, and the extension as well as the open-source code gives possibility for programmers to dig deep into it. The potential of RapidMiner is huge. However, the documentation is kind of poor in many operators and features, and due to the lack of users, not much reference could be found online.

RapidMiner Studio

Ease of use and short learning curve

Rapidminer GUI is easy to use and understand which gives the user the ease to build predictive solutions without much effort or programming background. Easly accessable online tutorials andlearning resources which enables one to excel fast in learning the software. The pulling in of your Python and R scripts is seamless in RapidMiner.