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TIBCO Spotfire

Implementation and user adaptability was easy. Cost for expansion was not clear.

Vendor has an excellent product in Spotfire. I understand Tibco is not very flexible in pricing vs expansion within the organization

TIBCO Spotfire

Good dashboarding, but hard to customize and maintain

Spotfire dashboard compiled was difficult to customize for individual user laptops and mobile devices. The dashboard though provided good dashboarding capabilities, often problems cropped up with scalability, and required significant changes to configure queries and establish database linkage

Spotfire Event Analytics, TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire in the Oil & Gas Production & Midstream Enterprise

Tibco has always provided excellent support for the Spotfire platform both on the web and phone support.

TIBCO Spotfire

Powerful data exploration tool

Data exploration by visualization

TIBCO Spotfire

Powerful visualizations

Product functionality

TIBCO Spotfire

Excellent product. Would recommend to anyone.

Great versatility and data analytics capabilities.

TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire enabled data integration from multiple data sources quickly and efficiently.

Able to support varied data sources and implement solutions for managing NOJV operations.

Spotfire Event Analytics, TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO Transaction Lifecycle Management

Visibility of Transactions throughout their entire lifecycle.

Vendor was very diligent in understanding the business needs and the business priorities and creating a plan accordingly.