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ABB Network Manager ADMS

Implementing customized updates to out-of-the-box packages required lot of effort

What worked well was that the product packages that ABB delivered out-of-the-box and didn't require many customizations. The thing that caused us many issues were the custom changes specific to our needs and took a long time to deliver. ABB has the good expertise for their critical applications which helped resolve some of the important issues. The documentation for their custom solutions also lacked proper documentation. Considering the cost of ABB services and products, we were expecting a better experience than what we received.

ABB Network Manager ADMS

Implementation was easy, but go live was painful.

Good implementation time

ABB Network Manager ADMS

System has remained stable since go-live. Execution of project was delayed by challenges.

We selected the best vendor we could at the start of the project. The project execution was challenging, System has remained stable since go-live. Delivery was delayed by product issues, unforseen challenges in the interpretaion of business requirments and scope.

ABB Network Manager ADMS

post go live performance has been excellent

first utility to purchase new plateform/fully interated system was an issue. willingness of ABB to work through issues with us was a huge plus

ABB Network Manager ADMS

ABB SCADA/DMS/OMS functions are solid but network data extraction from GIS is tough

Vender implementation support is key for the success. ABB demostrated a good level of commitment together with the implemantation partner.

ABB Network Manager ADMS, Other...

We have taken advantage of the standards and powerfullness of ABB solutions by ourselves

Positive: Good, powerfull and reliable products. Strong and Confident Organization worldwide. Negative: inertia sometimes longer than desirable and high prices for anything not standard in their products

ABB Network Manager ADMS

Reliable system, average user interface.

A good integrated database and display editor. Easy to develop applications that extract data from database. Reliable system with few nasty problems. Support for security patches is not a standard service. Could improve on customer service, especially the time needed to provide corrections to problems.