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The Go Live was difficult but at the end we can do it.

We worked hard with ACS before OMS GO-Live because the systems had inconsistencies were not solved, at the end, the problems were fixed and the system was improved.


The completed project was worth the effort it took to complete.

The software was installed and it worked as advertised. The project took 2 years because a system map was required, which we did not have at the time in our SCADA system. The system map, with the required system model, and system data was provided. A system map was created. The connectivity was verified and any issues with the model were worked through. The second stage of the project was to create the database and install the software for the system to create isolation plans and restoration plans. The electrical connectivity in our GIS was accomplished by using another vendor add-on. The vendor did not use the ESRI geometric network which complicated the creation of the system model process. ACS started with one approach and then changed this approach. The second approach was a much better solution for creating system connectivity for a system map in the SCADA system. ACS kept on this project until a solution was found and was implemented. The next stage was to enter the database fields and devices from the field. This took more time than expected because we did not understand the extent of the data required. We were not prepared for the implementation stage of the project. We had assumed the data we were collecting at the time was all that was needed. This took time and slowed up the completion of the project. This was on us. The finished product, however, was a system that worked like clock-work. It was a learning process for the team that worked on this project.


Implentation was straight forward, support was attentive, needed to define our needs

The customer service at ACS has been pleasant, the sales team is very easy to work with, the implementation has also gone very well. There are times where our system has unique features and sometimes those are more difficult to maintain and troubleshoot. ACS is accommodating with assistance, occasionally it's difficult to keep the team focused on the resolve.


Well thought out platform that is customized to individual needs

We are very happy with the system and it's performance. The system works very well with the size of our utility and they have grown over the years we have been with them. The company is very much into new technology and spends time and money developing new equipment to serve the needs of their customers. They are working to increase support staff to help with technical problems such as hardware and software issues. Each customer uses the base platform and can easily customize it to fit their individual needs


High Performance ADMS delivered System for > 5 million consumers

Innovative , smart and focus team ensured high level of performance that addressed a complex business / operation challenge