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OSI Spectra ADMS

OSI Delivers!

Excellent company to work with...

OSI Spectra ADMS

Product matured as the project progressed.

Very good relationship with the vendor from past projects.


Ask this time next year on how the DMS is working

OSI provided us excellent Project Manager for our SCADA/DMS project. Kyle’s management skill has made the project run efficiently and project schedule did not deviate. Kyle has always responded in a timely fashion and found OSI resources to our issue or request. So overall I believe with Kyle being the PM our project has proceeded well

OSI Spectra ADMS

Spectra OMS, a development partnership bewtween OSI and Powerco

We have been using OSI Monarch SCADA sincw 2008 and are very satisfied with the product. Spectra OMS was built in a development partnership between OSI and Powerco. The Spectra system was put in to production before full development was completed. This was driven by a Powerco business requirement. Some functionality was left out of the product to manage delivery timelines. OSI gave a high level of support during the project to manage a number of bug fixes and issues. I don't believe it is fair to make judgements on implemetation as "go-live" dates were driven by Powerco to start using a somewhat immature product and the system has become more mature and stable over the last two years.

OSI Spectra ADMS

We share a common vision for Jamaica!

Vendor is true to their word, extremely forward thinking, looks for complete systems integration, very committed to partnership and accepts our performance results as their own.

OSI Spectra ADMS

Lakeland's roadmap for modernizing systems and utilizing the grid

Very successful at project implementation operational variances handled through customer support on-going relationships very strong for future endeavours

OSI Spectra ADMS

Implementation was very straightforward as we have experience with OSI systems.

The new systems is working well. We have not gained all of the functionality we expect to utilitize at this time, but that is duee ot internal resource limitatations and not the vendor.

OSI Spectra ADMS

Implementation took longer than planned, but was successful

Product largely meets our needs for SCADA & DMS. OSI has been supportive in updating product to meet our objectives.