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Schneider Electric - ADMS

Implementation was great, a true partnership to make sure it was a success.

The experience was great. Both our company and the vendor embarked ona journey together to implement a technology solution that had never been done before. The knowledge base of the vendor to help implement this project was outstanding. No other vendor had the depth of electrical engineering expertice to understand and implement our project.

Schneider Electric - ADMS

Market leading vendor

I consider the technology and implementation the strongest in the market and a solid platform to meet future Smart Grid needs.

Schneider Electric - ADMS

Innovative company, w/ great software & people..but struggling to meet needs due to growth

The Schneider project team is made up of some very talented individuals and have a great work ethic and are easy to work with. With that said, I felt during our second phase implementation we were met with much more resistance to make changes to the product, and Schneider was much more likely to hit us with change orders for trivial items while not making enough of an effort to follow through with some change order to see that the changes were implemented appropriately. My opinion is that Schneider is becoming a victim to their fast growth, and is struggling to support existing projects with all the new projects that are starting to land. One of the most evident issues of this is their struggles with product support, which have had major issues meeting timelines established in our service contract.

Schneider Electric - ADMS

High level of cooperation, high capability to provide results on time.

First integration and roll out was performed on time and without main issues, with a reasonable effort by Enel (not comparable with the internal efforts declared by other utilities in similar situation with other provider). The company transformations/evolutions (DMS group -> Telvent DMS -> SE DMS NS) did not provide negative impacts on the successive implementations and upgrades; generally the supplier performances remained at high levels. In the last period we are starting to work in a complicated challenge that is the technology convergence inside my corporation; generally to match my corporation vision and the supplier road map will require additional efforts.

Schneider Electric - ADMS

Extremely complex system, not completely thought out in regards to security.

Environment utilizes AD LDS as application security level. Items required from the vendor, regarding security, were incomplete. Verify what vendor is contractually obligated to provide. The vendor support parties are well versed in their product but the time difference is of concern.