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Survalent ONE ADMS

Product is a rockstar

the product and software are fantastic and have an exciting future. challenges in deployment with services were quickly responded to and issues taken seriously and addressed

Survalent ONE ADMS

Proper transfer of knowledge from the vendor is the best way to do an easy implementation

ADMS Implementations requires lot of details and information from the operation and also from the grid, this means that a lot of challenges will appear along the project, challenges that needs to be faced with support of the vendor. In my opinion a proper transfer of knowledge from the vendor to the end user side is very relevant to make this kind of applications successful, we as end user has an important part to develop. From our point of view, ADMS projects can't be developed and deployed 100% in a turnkey project, it must be a 2 sides job, vendor as they are the owner of the technology and we as customer because we have all the information to feed the system. With Survalent we could made a very strong and professional team to face all the challenges that we as user had in terms of lack of information on our grid

Survalent ONE ADMS

Survalent's excellent customer service & tech support help to ensure easy implementation.

Survalent system has been very stable and meets all business needs. Survalent has excellent customer service and technical support. Survalent listens to End User requests and will make feature or functionality changes in product. End users very happy with existing Worldview interface. New end user interface SmartVu intially not as well liked by end users and intially SmartVu was not as stable as previous product. No serious issues with SmartVu, issues more around changes in user interface. Survalent has addressed majority of issues and stabilty now very close to previous product.


A cost effective solution that provides value to the company.

Our experiences with Survalent have been excellent. Their Support and Development teams have always demonstrated an understanding of our issues and the impact on our real time operations. They have always been very responsive in providing resolution.

Survalent ONE ADMS

ADMS summary

Vendor is very responsive to customer requirements

Survalent ONE ADMS

1st phase implementation was easy, hoping the ease of this work continues

The deployment was the easiest project I've worked on. The software is extremely intuitive and the training gave us exactly what we needed to get started. We are looking forward to the same experience with our upcoming deployments as well.