AI Offerings in CSP Network Operations Reviews and Ratings

What are AI Offerings in CSP Network Operations?

Gartner defines AI in CSP network operations as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) offerings (either embedded in operational technology [OT] applications or as a horizontal application) with capabilities to utilize network operations data, develop and evolve algorithms. It also can manage the life cycle of algorithms, applying them to a variety of use cases that optimizes and enhances CSP network operations.

Products In AI Offerings in CSP Network Operations Market

"Anodot is best real-time Anomaly Detection Platform "

Anodot is a performance monitoring and anomaly detection platform that helps you understand your complex, modern applications.

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"Best Business Automation Tool"

IBM Cloud Pak helps automating process which works like robotic process automation but the major advantage of this tool is its cloud and on-premise integration.

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""One of the best tool for AI Plat form""

I definitely recommend trying AISWare ReTiNA.It is pleasure to do business with this company. AISWare ReTiNA gave us a cost efficient way to complete the task with quick delivery & excellent customer service. So I want to say that its a great software product system of AI.

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"Helps operation gather data and provide insight of the current KPI"

Pretty nice UI. Nice way of presenting summary of data in to a realtime dashboard.

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"Paragon Insights is a beautiful product with solid network analytics capability all level"

Paragon insight is a seamless product supporting networking needs of Large organization as well. Best part is the Integration capability , closed loop automation mechanism , visibility provided by its advanced network dashboard is really helpful.

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"Exceeds the expectation with cutting edge technology"

It has been one of the leading initiatives used in telecom-related departments within the organization for the improved customer experience. Big data and analytics has been used for CSPs to increase the throughput of the reworks and bugs. Problem detection is made easy with customizations available.

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"zsmart review"

Has very versatile system that can be personalized to my needs

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"Successful platform integration"

We are satisfied with the product as it met our expectations under evaluation and deployment

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"Really good product"

Love Amdocs, great product, easy to use, easy to scale, overall very happy

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"manage your network systems very fast by using Ericsson Network manager"

Ericsson network manager save a lot of time while we are working on managing end to end service orchestration

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"A great business tool help in improving the efficiency of organization"

Great performance optimization system driven by artificial intelligence , it analyses network scenario problem amazingly

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