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What are Analytics Query Accelerators ?

Analytics query accelerators provide SQL or SQL-like query support on a broad range of data sources. They are most frequently used as a means of providing interactive and production-optimized delivery on semantically flexible data stores that do not inherently have the capabilities to provide sufficient performance or ease of use on their own. Commonly used in conjunction with data lakes, they aim to support BI dashboards, interactive query capabilities, data modeling and other analytics use cases.

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"Great Product to Run your database queries"

Best analytics engine for all your data. This tool makes the data actionable instantly across any database. The technical support team is very supportive and help to resolve queries very quickly which helps to complete tasks within the SLA's provided.

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"Powerful AI Platform in current market"

This is very powerful AI platform which is less complex but still provides best solution to the big data, analytics problem. Its also easy to create jobs from notebook and administration.

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"SQL query one stop solution for data extraction and combining datasets"

SQL query data extraction is the base for assessing data and performing analytics. This platform can be used as a one stop portal for writing SQL and combining datasets.

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"AtScale is a best platform for businesses"

AtScale is a distinguished platform which provides detailed analytics and which has helped to improve the ROI of our business. The employees are very professional and their process was awesome. Highly recommended :)

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"Fast Data accessing Tool"

Easy solution for ERP data and allows to explore large data. UI is simple helps to understand the tool easily

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"Best analytic tool and provide best solution ."

There are enables businesses to convert raw data into insight, leading to more meaningful customer understanding. it helps enterprises remove the complexities of Hadoop

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"Varada is a great Data Virtualization tool with amazing UI"

Unique indexing technology that has helped my organization with optimization and completely enables our data team to help with wide array of commands.

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"Jethro is a great source of Big query accelerator for analytics."

Jethro was used to enhance the big query performance in Tableau. It performed excellently in Amazon S3. It enhanced the performance of analytical reporting for real time data ingestion. Many customers relied on Jethro to explore several billions of rows to support business decision making.

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Competitors and Alternatives
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"Best data orchestration platform "

Dynamic data orchestration platform to bring together unstructured data from different sources and use AI/ML workloads on cloud very effectively.

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"Data Virtuality Platform is good source for building ETL/ELT pipelines for integration."

Data virtuality platform provided the ability to integrate data from multiple sources. It provides facility to automate workflows employing SQL. The development is enhanced and the user interface is appealing. It also offers a robust Master data management repository and strategy. The security aspects are quite good.

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"Kyligence - GREAT!!!"

Overall, we had a good experience implementing Kyligence in our organization

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