4.5 out of 5 (4 Ratings)

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Ease of implementation with immediate operational benefits

Deep product knowledge providing valuable operational metrics practically out of the box


Implementation was very easy and product fully met my needs/requirements

GSX was very helpful during the POC, they helped us with the setup and configuration and how to setup alerts and thresholds. Support has been very good over the past three plus years.


Implementation was not easy but we got an engineer from supplier and a very good support.

very fast support in case of problems. Special wishes will be registered and implement in a feature version if possible.


Out of the box implementation was straight forward

GSX is a fantastic product based company with heavy orientation on customer feedback and suggestions. GSX has worked on all our customization and queries on implementation as well as fine-tuning our monitoring environment. GSX application has minimal foot print on our environment just as want to have very less load due to monitoring.