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BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

Difficult to customize

Some of the Professional Services consultants were not very good

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

Implementation challenging but product delivers

Worked as expected


Superb product by a very strong vendor

This vendor has been wonderful. All the various people who interact with us in various capacities are very much engaged, attentive and friendly. They have very capable technical experts and frequently organize events for expanding knowledge, networking and gaining insights from other customers

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

Overall a great company to be partners with!

Overall our experience with BMC has been great. It seems with the support it can be on a hit and miss basis. Sometimes you get someone from the first tier that is great and other times it can be the opposite. Once you get past the first tier of support everyone is amazing and they will find an answer to your problem as long as you are willing to work with them.

TrueSight App Visibility Manager

Implementation was as easy as advertised - we were up and realizing a benefit in no time.

Actaully purchased the appliance from Coradiant which was aquired by BMC. BMC has supported the product very well

TrueSight Operations Management

Quality product

very easy to work with and get installed

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

Very poor experience with the BMC Suite of tools.

Exceptionally poor support often shipped overseas and stuck in support circles resulting in a large amount of wasted time. We purchased and used premier support for a number of years and saw no value in it, dropping to standard support did not result in a different experience. Projects involving BMC tools have consistently failed or fallen very short of expected results. Rude and pushy sales staff.

TrueSight App Visibility Manager, TrueSight Operations Management

Showed us end-user experience data that we never had before.

The end-user experience monitoring is great. It showed to us more clearly what the application performance is from the user point of view. The applications diagnostic is also very good because it helps us communicate to the applications support issues with a factual basis.

TrueSight App Visibility Manager, TrueSight Operations Management

Implementation was easy, Able to deep drive the root cause of problems, Able to trace slow and error transactions.

What works well: 1. Able to deep drive the root cause such as code level, SQL statement etc. 2. Able to discover application topology. 3. Able to integrate with Truesight Operation Manager. 4. Able to find slow and error transactions. What needs to improve: 1. It is not compatible with old (out of support version) of Java and OS. Want to see APM more backward compatible with various version of Java and OS.

TrueSight App Visibility Manager, TrueSight Operations Management

Implementation was seamless, well documented by support, and easy to follow. No Significant background required.

The solution has worked very well. Even version upgrades have been seamless.