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CA Application Performance Management

Implementation was not as simple as promised

While APM was implemented in our environment it has not been easy and it has not met senior management expectations.

CA Application Performance Management

Lot was changed since 10.X..

CA CEM 's customer transaction view is valuable because it gives an insight into how our customers networks are performing. The ADA helps in isolating any response time issues on the network and hence, aid in root cause analysis (but we are yet to realise the benefit of it in production). Also, the transaction recording feature is valuable in understanding the paths our critical business transactions take within our IT environment.

CA Application Performance Management

CA APM has greatly reduced incident resolution times for many incidents, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. However, the product direction seems promising.

CA APM has given us visibility into the resource usage of our systems in a way that was not possible before. Being able to go back in time and see the resource usage trends has frequently helped identify the real time when an incident started. CA APM's transaction trace abilities are not quite where they need to be. We frequently find that the transactions we need to see are not captured. For those transactions which are captured, they transaction traces usually don't give enough detail to be useful.

CA Application Performance Management

We stopped being reactive to become protagonists of a better experience offered through our services for our customers.

- Pro-active alerting and the ability to predict incidents are the key element of APM and through them we are able to be protagonists of the availability and experience offered by our services. - The solution delivers what it promises, especially in scalability feature, we already have more than 2,000 monitored servers equivalent to 70% of our applications. - APM was essential to leveraging the availability of our services and the identification of the root cause. The results generated by the diagnostic power we achieved with the use of the solution, reached almost to zero the number of problems without identifying the root cause. - Improve the quality of delivery through the use of the solution by the DEV team. - Improve our discipline in performance tests - We ended up with the endless conferences and the involvement of several specialist to make the diagnosis of the problem. - The APM Center of Excellence Foundation in partnership with the vendor, was essential to achieve success. - Some users have found some difficulty in using the solution because it is not so friendly. This is a point that needs to be in the ROADMAP product for the next version.

CA Application Performance Management

The ability to deep dive into the root cause of any given issue has always been the most valuable feature.

The ability to deep dive into the root cause of any given issue has always been the most valuable feature. JAVA and .NET applications are black boxes without any sort of monitoring. Being able to determine which component is causing the issue helps to pinpoint the issue and allows the triage teams to focus on the actual component causing the issue. The feature that helps the most in the triage is the transaction trace component. The transaction trace feature allows us to look all the components that are called during a particular transaction.

CA Application Performance Management

Provides VIVID picture of our application performance, altho CA needs to comeup with lightweight version of APM agent.

CA APM provides vivid picture of how your application is performing. Robust Application monitoring and its performance with the full analysis of frontend transaction to the backend transactions. Integration with other CA tools like Spectrum, SOI, UIM & CEM provides whole picture of the application from the customer experience stand point as well as the backend servers performance perspective. APM agents consumes much resources on the servers where agents are configured to talk to the application. If application servers are poorly artchitected from hardware resources perpective, then CA APM agent will be a nighmare to manage. Encourage CA to put some effort and time to create a lightweight version APM that will reduce many problems for most of the CA customers.

CA Application Performance Management

The implementation had some challenges, but was successful. Product roadmap looks great.

We have a good working relationship and they are viewed as a strategic partner and act as such when challenges are encountered.