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Product is pretty good but getting it to work in our complex architecture was time taking.

We have a complex application architecture and it took us time to get it setup and running. We have some legacy applications and it took long to get those right.


Great Product - Outstanding Customer Support

Correlsense has been great to work with - they provided outstanding support to ensure our project was successful


Correlsense committment to customer support is impressive.

Technical support and online knowledge base is impressive. Correlsense committment to customer support is also impressive. Product stability is problematic.


Feature rich solution suitable for diverse technologies.

APM implementation is a much more complex and evasive process that we were led to believe - this is common from all vendor marketeers. The process of instrumenting different applications was an issue. Certain applications/technologies benefit more from APM - this something the wider business needs to understand as the returns on investment are not always the same.