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Application Monitoring

Easy to use and do performance review of our applications to make the application better.

Awesome experience in tracking the performance of our product.

Application Monitoring, Data Center Real-User Monitoring (DC RUM), Synthetic Monitoring

Complicated tool that requires some product expertise

Directions to provide quarterly updates based on user input.

Application Monitoring

easy to use;efficient and reliable but cost too high

it very reliable in my 99% cases;It easy to use; Our SRE team uses it in daily work. It needs to add more function in its web client.

Application Monitoring

Valuable tool

Dynatrace has proven to be a valuable tool both for proactive development, and for troubleshooting. It's relatively easy to train users how to get the most out of it.


Data Center Real-User Monitoring (DC RUM)

Solid product that requires an an internal adoptionion team

The application works as promised. The difficulty was and is getting application owners to devote resources to take advatnage of the platform.

Application Monitoring

Great tool to monitor production environment in real time and foud root cause issue fastly

We work with Dynatrace since a few years. it's an amazing tool to monitor production environment with a lot of application and interconnexion (front office, SQL, external services, ESB ...). We are able to monitor in real time all response time and error rates for all our services website. When we have an issue, we can zoom in and find in a few seconds where the issue is come from. We can't work anymore without it ! It's really worth value to have this tool.

Application Monitoring

Great tool, needs to be cost efficient

Good but expensive

Application Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, User Experience Management (UEM)

What an awsome tools !

What an awsome tools ! The promise is respected : allow us to work (deep) on performance, stabilization and retrieve the real feeeling of our users. It's may not the most friendly tools to install (at the moment) but when it's done and if your Dynatrace expert know your application you can really go deep and fast on USERS real problem ! I strongly recomand it for all the applications who want to improve the feeling of their users.


Application Monitoring

Easy to upgrade. New features every release

It is good product and new functionality in every release. Easy to upgrade. Skilled support engineers.

Application Monitoring, User Experience Management (UEM)

Install was easy - negotiation and sizing was more challenging than it should have been

licensing was challenging and getting it sized for out environment