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Application Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, User Experience Management (UEM)

Product is comprehensive, strategically placed and vendor invests significantly in future

Vendor has proven significant and ongoing investment in R&D which supports continous improvement of the technology, resulting in confidence in future alignment. User communities provide benefits and customer engagement is pro-active and supportive, with access to technical resources. Dynatrace has provided a platform on which we can build and develop our DevOps and Performance practices.

Application Monitoring, User Experience Management (UEM)

Good tool

Delivered on promise

Application Monitoring, Data Center Real-User Monitoring (DC RUM), Synthetic Monitoring

Implementation was easy

The overall experience was excellent, vendor team was very knowledgeable of the product and answer all questions.

Application Monitoring

Actively monitor apps and prevent impact

Dynatrace helped in application monitoring our apps which are 24/7. These tools helped in proactively identifying infrastructure issues and teams are able to act prior to business impact.

Application Monitoring, Data Center Real-User Monitoring (DC RUM), Synthetic Monitoring

internal results

The synthetic monitoring is starting to help us. We've seen some opportunities in the one suite already.

Application Monitoring

Dynatrace APM can help solve complex issues in your code and environment.

Dynatrace had sent product experts from their developer labs in Austria. The application monitoring product helped up resolve some major, long-standing issues, withing 10 minutes into the proof-of-concept. It continues to provide both post-production and pre-production value.

Application Monitoring

Simple to implement, Easy to use, Great Value

Product was easy to implement. Profiling and monitoring applications is very easy to do and requires little, if any, training. Very impressed with the product's ability to instrument and profile applications on the fly. It was even able to instrument a non-Java JVM language (Gosu). The interface was intuitive and the results are simple to interprete.

Application Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, User Experience Management (UEM)

The tool gave us insights we never had before.

We built a strong relationship from the onset that allowed us to drive the vision of the tool while the tool drove us to build a best in breed system.


Application Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, User Experience Management (UEM)

Great tool that has quickly become indispensable in our environment.

We have been using Dynatrace for over 5 years, and find it an indispensable tool during pre-release functional testing, pre-release load testing, and especially post-production troubleshooting of severity 1 issues. With a breadth of distributed platforms for key application environments, Dynatrace gives us near-real-time (within a matter of seconds) analysis of end-to-end transactions that are spread across multiple servers and multiple layers of the stack. On the downside, there can be a steep learning curve to make full use of the tool's capabilities. In addition, misconfigurations can have a serious impact on the systems being monitored.

Data Center Real-User Monitoring (DC RUM)

Implementation was quick and showed value right away.

Initial implementation was valuable in getting operational quickly and adding value right away. After implementation limited vendor contact to enhance our personal environment use.