Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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AppPulse Mobile, HPE Diagnostics, LoadRunner

Quick response and vast experience

quick to respond and resolve issues

HPE Diagnostics

Love or Hate Relationship with HP Diagnostics

HPE markets and provides monitoring services at Enterprise level. One of the tools they have is HP Diagnostics where it can instrument byte code level to help development team to dig deeper with any issues that occured in all different layer of environment. It is ideal to have the Diagnostic to produce the analytic data, sometimes at stack level, to devvelopment team in performance environment to study the bottle neck. Occassionally, production integration is needed to gather performance data during high triffic hours or major incidents.


HPE support is inadequate

Top Issues: - HP lack of responsive support - HP slow to engage technical support - Time to resolve issues takes months not weeks


Implementation was somewhat challenging but delivered long term value.

Fairly good. Interpreting the RUM metrics was initally a challenge

AppPulse Mobile

Easy Implementation and operation with the support of TSOFT company

We are very satisfied. Very intuitive and flexible product

LoadRunner, Other...

AppPulse was as easy as 1-2-3 to implement

So far the support has been great. Typically I hear back within 24 hours for any ticket, and urgent tickets get same day response. Engineers seem quite knowledgable.

AppPulse Trace

Implementation was easy, and the product has continued to perform.

I was extremely happy with the product and the implementation. We took a legacy application and the services team was able to bring in expertise that allowed us to monitor the application. We had tried to monitor this particular application before with another vendor and product and were unsuccessful.

HPE Diagnostics, HPE RUM, SiteScope

The implementation of these tools need a fairly good knowledge of the entire application infrastructure, starting from application to finish in the networking and application server

Our experience was completely positive, since the availability of HP engineers who personally have worked to get the best from our APM solution

HPE Diagnostics, SiteScope, Other...

HPs APM vision is strong but execution is weak, dependent on a complex set of technologies

HP's APM solution was complex to implement, build, maintain/upgrade, and on-board. Solution has scalability issues with no perceivable cost effective methods for growth. Vendor training was limited and difficult to acquire.


With LoadRunner Load Testing of Citrix-delivered Applications-The Devil is in the Detail.

There were a number of technical issues related to the tool crashing during capture of the scenario and during playback. After enough escalations between HP and the outsourcer, they brought enough technical resources to bear to resolve the showstoppers. However, the solution is brittle, in the sense that, once you begin customizing the code, you can no longer use the GUI tool to edit the scripts.