Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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AppPulse Trace

Get proactive to application issues with AppPulse .. rather than reactive

AppPulse has allowed us to be much more proactive to application or perofrmance issues before the business is impacted !!

HPE Operations Analytics

Operations Analytics big data

Working with vendor was excellent collaboration.


Organizes, drives, manages, and monitors the load test.

Captures end-user business processes and creates an automated performance testing script, also known as a Vuser script.

SiteScope, Other...

Pros & Cons of HPE

Pros: Willing to work with us to implement and correct issues and enhance product. Cons: Slow support and resolution of issues. Code that comes with issues all too often.


Lack of support for older LR versions

Since LR 9.5 is an older version, it is difficult to get customer support from HPE. Although the license is a lifetime, support is not proper for older versions.


Easy to Implement

Amazing tool and fits our requirements and vendor need. It is able to find problems which others cannot imagine


Stable and Functional

Great tool for performance testing


Very flexible product, but prepare for a lot of customization to meet your needs

Technical support hasn't alwasy been the greatest, but issues requiring them have been relatively few and far between. Their online licensing support is overly convoluted, and they seem to have multiple different websites, each with their own separate logins, for support, licensing, product downloads, and sales.

AppPulse Mobile, HPE Diagnostics, LoadRunner

Quick response and vast experience

quick to respond and resolve issues

HPE Diagnostics

Love or Hate Relationship with HP Diagnostics

HPE markets and provides monitoring services at Enterprise level. One of the tools they have is HP Diagnostics where it can instrument byte code level to help development team to dig deeper with any issues that occured in all different layer of environment. It is ideal to have the Diagnostic to produce the analytic data, sometimes at stack level, to devvelopment team in performance environment to study the bottle neck. Occassionally, production integration is needed to gather performance data during high triffic hours or major incidents.