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Great Monitoring Tool

Manage Engine provides a suite of tools that have made improvements to the availability of our internal applications. From monitoring, management and alerting, we have been able to peak performance within our data center.


Very good monitoring solution with an affordable cost

I really had a very good experience with the product and it helps my organization to monitor my DC effectively


Implementation easy, scan the network and all devices get added, but still a lot to do.

Alerting to email and sms has proved invaluable in dealing with issues in our infrastructure, both physical and virtual. To be told when a system is down or has issues in advance of the users reporting issues is a great bonus. Any and all support issues with the product have been resolved, sometimes not in the timeliest manner, but eventually and they understand the importance of the product in our organisation.


Simple low cost solution to I&O monitoring

Although it has required more labor then initially planned we are very satisfied with the end result. We use the tool to monitor almost every service offering in the I&O portfolio.

Applications Manager- ManageEngine, Other...

Excellent Manageengine support

Very good feature and excellent support

Applications Manager- ManageEngine

Implementation of monitors are extremely simple to create.

Implementation of monitors is extremely simple to create, however, some configuration on some of the monitors could be better at a more granular level. But overall a very good solution. Interaction with them to aid in implementation and support has been good. They have responded quickly to issues and providing system usage advice.

Applications Manager- ManageEngine

Implementation, Monitoring and Reporting made easy

No Issues here. Excellent product and service.

Applications Manager- ManageEngine, OpManager

AppManager GUI is polished and has a good breadth of out of the box platforms available for monitoring. Many of the monitors need to be tuned for easier configuration.

Out of the box, the AppManager module is relatively intuitive and simple to configure for at least baseline server and application monitors. The more specific and in depth monitor types which at first appear to have simple configuration menus, often fail to deploy correctly and require vendor support to implement. Vendor documentation is too simple and does not address common failures, again requiring direct vendor support to troubleshoot. OpManager v12100 seems like using a Beta version of the software. The GUI is buggy, cumbersome and counterintuitive. It has several functionality holes that were better addressed by our old Network Monitoring software.