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System Center Operations Manager

Make no mistake, this is a framework. You will get out of it what you put into it.

The initial implementation was fairly straightforward. Tuning and testing are where the real work is required. You can't just install a bunch of management packs and walk away. For this product to be effective in your organization, you must customize the management packs to fit your environment and sometimes create your own monitors where no MPs are avaiable. If you want alerts to be meaningful, then you have to treat each alert as either an actual issue or an opportunity to fine-tune the rule/monitor. If you just "ignore" alerts that are transient or not indicative of a problem, you weaken the whole system and those who use it. I recommend starting off with only a basic up/down monitor for each server/service in your organization and then slowly bring in MPs and monitors as the business needs are identified.

Microsoft Visual Studio Application Insights

Tight integration with Azure PaaS provides solid monitoring and analytics with minimal development effort.

We really like the product and how well it is integrated into Azure. The Analytics query language and graph generation is very good. Integration with PowerBI was an added plus. Our biggest challenge is that we were an early adopter and started using the service while it ws still in preview so many things changed/improved while we were using. The benefit of this was that Microsoft was very responsive to our feedback and introduced/prioritized enhancements based on our needs.

System Center Operations Manager

SCOM provides excellent flexibility when monitoring Windows Servers, applications and client systems.

SCOM is a solid Windows monitoring product. It provides great flexibility in creating new monitoring rules. It has been critical for us, not just for operational rules, but security monitoring also.

System Center Global Service Monitor, System Center Operations Manager

SCOM is the monitoring tool for your today cloud solution.

SCOM has been strong to Alert to knowledge and task recovery on Day 1 to ensure Mode 1 can focus on improving the configuration standard. There are challenges of the knowledge to alerts is still at the Engineering level that is above Mode1 capability to understand the many variables why alerts may be generated above and below the technology layer that reached its threshold level. This is not a tool issue but a skillset to understand what it needed to be a monitor operator.

System Center Operations Manager

Must for Enterprises. Does great job with monitoring microsoft components.

It does great job with monitoring Microsoft components.

System Center Operations Manager

Implementation is easy.

Overall we are very happy with the product.