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AutoPilot M6

Implementation a challenge with many aspects to coordinate, but final solution strong.

The vendor has shown a willingness to be flexibility to help understand some unique components of the solution we require and they have shown a patience and willingness to listen and work with us helping to design a solution that works for our business needs.

AutoPilot M6, AutoPilot M6 TransactionWorks

Massive, enterprise-scale APM and Compliance

The vendor has shown itself willing to do whatever it takes to support our requirements. And we expect a lot from our vendors. Our requirements are tough and our expectations are very high. Nastel has worked hard to deliver what we needed especially for our most market critical and highly exposed business applications. They didn't always have what we needed out of the box, but when they didn't they quickly captured our requirements and built what we needed in partnership with us.

AutoPilot M6, AutoPilot M6 TransactionWorks

Most scalable, event based solution that met regulatory requirements

Solution was complete, reliable and well tested They worked closely with us and enhanced product where necessary Integrated easily with our other systems Handled performance requirements