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New Relic APM,New Relic Browser,New Relic Synthetics

Gained great insight into production performance and issues.

We have gained great value out of New Relic toolset. We can now intervene before issues happen in production, giving us plenty of time to take proactive measures before customers are impacted. The visibility into performance, issues, and improvements that we can gain by tweaking settings has been of tremendous value to us.

New Relic APM,New Relic Infrastructure

Solid technology with great support. Constantly innovating and expanding capabilities.

Solid technology coupled with very good support. Implementing the solution on our systems went rather smoothly. Very pleased.

New Relic Insights

Better Web Insights Driving business Results

New Relic has done an outstanding job of helping my team maximize the use of the tool.

New Relic APM

Can't live without New Relic!

I just love how easy it is to mointor all my companies different aplication through one dashboard. The error tracking has helped us solve a number of isses after going live with our products.

New Relic APM,New Relic Browser,New Relic Infrastructure,New Relic Insights,New Relic Mobile,New Relic Synthetics

Easy to use, extremely useful

Easy to setup, provides great insights right out of the gate.

New Relic Mobile

Know everything that's going on within your apps

We have used their product for an app on both the iOS platform and Android platform. The integration is pretty straightforward. The analytics and crash detection data is astoundingly vast. We know what happened, for how long, on what particular device on a certain network and at what particular time that event occurred. Custom metrics can also be created for anything you would want to capture. For the most part, it will work with other libraries and SDKs we decide to incorporate. There was one occasion where the iOS SDK conflicted with another 3rd-party SDK. We then reached out for a solution and we were able to reach resolution within a few days.

New Relic APM,New Relic Browser,New Relic Insights,New Relic Synthetics,Other...

Implementation was smooth. Foundation to our DevOps and APM architecture

New Relic solution has transformed our internal DevOps and Release Management processes

New Relic APM

Easy setup and easy to use

Very satisfield. Love the iphone app

New Relic Insights,New Relic Mobile

Good product and support, but not innovating as fast as competition.

Vendor has good support, but product is slow to innovate. Tools lack intuitive usability and require more training than most.

New Relic Insights

New Relic Insights - the powerhouse of the NR suite of offerings.

Insights is the #1 reason why we picked New Relic. The Data analysis and reporting that this repository is capable of scanning and producing has helped the organization in making quick fact based business decisions. The team @NR has exciting supplements planned on the roadmap that the business sees immense value in and thus far the experience has been phenomenal working with New Relic.