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SteelCentral AppInternals

Riverbed's Appinternals Product is awesome at helping to identify issues!

Riverbed has been a great company to work with. Especially, in regards to AppInternals 10.0 which has been used to troubleshoot a variety of problems and critical issues for us. I have been impressed with the ability to be able to find and identify issues with relative ease and effort.

SteelCentral AppResponse

Managed Services based on Riverbed Application Performance Monitoring

We integrated the Riverbed platform into a managed services offer for our client base. The technology initially served our needs well. Riverbed was early in their Managed Service Provider program at the time we launched the managed service. Consequently the company struggled somewhat to meet all our MSP pricing and product needs. Riverbed did work to overcome most of the initial obsticles. Over time Riverbed moved the selected AppResponse Xpert appliance and Dashboard product to an "end-of-life" status which forced us to seek new technology vendors.

SteelCentral AppInternals

Great Improvements and fantastic support

The newer versions of AppInternals (10) is a huge improvement from the previous versions. The user interface has been dramatically improved and is much more intuitive to use. We have been able to get much greater buy-in from our developer community now that the tool has been simplified. We have used AppInternals to solve production issues multiple times and it has greatly reduced our time to resolution. Additionally, it has enabled us to find problems we didn't even know we had. Riverbed has also greatly improved the ease of rollout and configuration of AppInternals with version 10. There are now silent install scripts that don't require user input. I would still like to see the ability to "push" installations or software updates from the Analysis Server to the Agents and hopefully, that is coming soon. One thing lacking in the newer version of AppInternals that was present in previous versions is the ability to get any real java heap analysis. The tool lacks object counts or any way to see what is present in the heap. We have been assured that this is on the roadmap for upcoming releases. I would be remiss if I did not mention the OUTSTANDING support and customer service we receive from Riverbed. I have plenty of horror stories of dealing with support from other vendors, but my experience with Riverbed has been nothing short of excellent. Questions are always dealt with in very quick fashion and the support staff goes above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied. On top of that, our original sales engineer and even the AppInternals product manager have been in regular communication with us to ensure we are getting what we need.

SteelCentral AppResponse

Riverbed's Steelhead product is nothing less than awesome!!

Since 2013 we have had the privilege to enhance our monitoring and troubleshooting experience with the use of Riverbed Steelhead's advanced APM technology. With the ability to capture 2 million+ packets per second, and look back in time at the packet level to diagnose what went wrong during an application failure is nothing less than awesome. This product has stood the test of time. Its reputation across the company is impeccable. It has saved us millions of dollars by reducing the time it would take to identify the problem and solve it. I am a happy Riverbed fan and will continue to work alongside with them. My confidence in the Steelhead product is unlike any other product. Well done Riverbed!

SteelCentral AppInternals, SteelCentral AppResponse, SteelCentral NetSensor, SteelCentral Portal

A complete End to End solution for Enterprises. Superior ability in deep dives

Riverbed SteelCentral has been the tool set we rely on in development projects. It has found tons of issues and therefore resolved before they become real issues in production systems. SteelCentral AppInternals is widely used and loved among developers, many code level performance issues like a slow database query can be easily identified by the tool. The support people are very responsive and knowlegable when help is needed. Their professional service is one of the best -- they used to provide a one time guaranteed service for fixed $, in case you don't have the internal experties and deployment. Lately their SteelCentral Portal product has become a critical visulization tool in proactive monitoing of system and applicaiton health in production systems. Alerts along with corelation analysis and deep dive drill-downs help to troubleshoot problems quickly and thus reduce overall time to resolution.

SteelCentral AppResponse, SteelCentral Portal

Limited benefit to operational teams

The tool is an eningeering not and operational tool, with an advertised catalog of integrated services out of sync with IT Operations strategy. Typical vendor engagements center around sales without focus on extracting value. Where AppResponse is powerful, packet capture, it is very weak regarding consumption by operations teams needing to run analytics within other non-integrated tools in their service catalog and best options to complete analytics for operational teams offered by free/open source tools. Customer relationship management is lacking focus on strategy to align tools within Riverbed portfolio and our business strategy and IT objectives.

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SteelCentral AppInternals, SteelCentral AppResponse, SteelCentral NetSensor, SteelCentral Portal

The solution is completely fulfilled our business and technical requirements.

- user friendly - easy to adopt with the existing network and application enviroement - we have deployed both APM and NPM solution with Riverbed's platform and found it well efficient to be intergrated

SteelCentral AppInternals, SteelCentral AppResponse, SteelCentral Portal

Implementation is very easy, analysis is easier because the tool UI is very user friendly

The customer service is very good. Also , the Riverbed Steel Central AppInternals 10.5 is a very efficient tool. The installtion is easy and all the features are on one single platform. Even developers find it easier to look for data. A plus point is ease of collection of diagnostic bundles right on the Analysis Server URL , so we can provide the support team logs faster.

SteelCentral AppInternals, SteelCentral AppResponse, SteelCentral Portal

Impressive results to quickly understand performance issue.

It was easy to implement. We have very impressive results to quickly understand performance issue and to cope them.

SteelCentral AppInternals, SteelCentral AppResponse

Great products and support.

Riverbed's suite or products have proven very valuable to our business providing a huge ROI shortly after implementation. The APM suite allows us to quickly identify problems within code and address quickly.