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Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor

Comprehensive and Easy to Manage Enterprise Application Performance Monitoring

Solarwinds APM is easy to deploy and configure and provided Austin Peay State University with a very thorough window into server and application performance. The product works very well with very little setup but also has the capability to be highly customized.

Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor

Implementation Was easy, but mastering the tool will take time.

The vendor was great but a little Pricey. The application is handled completely in the house now.

Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor

Like most Solarwinds product, implementation is easy but fine tuning takes a lot of work

Solarwinds is an established brand is application and performance monitoring. We chose SAM because it filled the needs of our organization but also works with other Solarwinds products that we own. SAM is a very complex product that takes a long to time to fine tune to your environment but almost anything you can think of that you want to do with it can be done. The implementation is straight forward but the steps to take dig into the results of having the product operational is a learning curve.

Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor

Watching what we can't

The overall experiance has been excellent for what we are using the software for.

Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor

SolarWinds is like hiring someone to just sit and watch your stuff 24/7.

SolarWinds is like hiring someone to just sit and watch your stuff 24/7 and you never have to feed them! We use SolarWinds to monitor our servers and network infrastructure. It is only used by our IT department. We are able to have a tool to monitor servers every hour of every day without needing to have a dedicated resource to babysit these devices.

Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor

Base product is satisfyingly broad in its capabilities, advanced features even more so.

We are in the processing of implementing the base Solarwinds montoring product and conducting demos of the Web and Database Performance Analyzers. So far we are pleased with the depth of features available in the base product.

Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor, Other...

How to get a handle on your network environment through monitoring.

We were shifting gear with our IT infrastructure. We were moving from one provider to another as well as moving to a new datacenter. I was fed up with having to deal with providers who had a tight grip on what products we could and could not use in their data center. Solarwinds was very approachable and allowed us to deal with them directly. No more middle men saved us money in the end. Solarwinds proved to be a valued partner.

Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitoring (WPM) - robust solution you're looking for

The vendor was very supportive and engaged during a 30-day evaluation and review process.

Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor

Dont use default Implementation

Implementation was simple, but if you use the default install it creates a lot of warnings that may not true to your environment.

Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor

Great tool for Mid-Sized company

Great value and enhanced service while upgrading