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Thunder ADC

Capable hardware for a good price, but not very fun to support.

A10 support has been a very hit or miss experience. I've wasted hours/days with one engineer, only to finally get another who can grasp the issue almost immediately. Ticket queuing has been difficult, as we've had issues following the status of our tickets, escalating them, getting them requeued, and getting immediate responses from support.

AX Series ADC

Ease of use made the decision easy.

Implementation was smooth and the learning curve of managing the devices ourselves was simple and straight forward.

Thunder ADC

Great product, with a promise. Still lacks major features

The Thunder LB has great performance and fairly simple UI. However, the overall experience with it was relatively poor. Scripted options and the ACOS scripting interface were very confusing and wouldn't work most of the time. It is also unable to load balance Horizon View Security and Connection Servers, which was major problem.