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Avi Vantage

No longer a blackbox; increased visibility, supportability, scalability and uptime.

We deployed AVI as an F5 replacement. We did not sacrifice any technical requirements by moving to AVI. As a matter of fact, we now have so much more visibility into our application traffic flows that we never had before. This extra visibility and metrics have resulted in quicker issue isolation and mttr for infrastructure operations and the individual application teams. Allows for the application teams to be self sufficient diagnosing issues with their application without have to involve infrastructure engineers. AVI is completely open and receptive for feedback and feature requests. Extremely quick turnaround for bug remediation releases. Ability to add capacity in minutes instead of days, the deployment architecture allows for active/active application resilience.

Avi Vantage

Similar architecture on multiple platforms makes for easy and flexible deployments

Avi has been very responsive to feature requests and bug fixes, and has rapidly developed their capabilities.

Avi Vantage

Good product and support

The product worked as expected, and the vendor worked closely with us for what we needed. The technology was cutting-edge, and the vendor was very professional.