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NetScaler ADC

Implementation was easy, and easy to scale

We had a quick implementation that we have slowly grown to fit more applications on campus.

NetScaler ADC

Stable product, Excellent Support & Minor management overhead

Stable product with quick turn around time for support queries. Easy implementation & management. Wider customer base gives us better insight on peer reviews.

NetScaler ADC

Netscaler smart load balancing with selective security.

Netscaler ADC is a load balancer, yet many people can corner it into other roles. It does have a intelligent firewall that can be licensed, it also is advertised as a "reverse proxy". Netscaler shines at load balancing and thats what they are masters of. I have yet to get fully into the application firewall. It appears to me you need to be aware of the application, then you suggest to netscaler what type of attacks to mitigate. I call it selective security. You select what security issues an app or VIP might have to deal with. For instance, on IIS servers. You select all the security checks for IIS servers, and select whether to log them or drop them. This is good for performance, as netscaler only checks requests for those particular Microsoft IIS web attacks, and does not waste time checking packets for attacks that would be, for say, attacks assuming a unix web server is present.

NetScaler ADC

Great product

The Netscaler product has been a great product that has increased our web application security and increased the performance of both our internal applications and our customer-facing appliations.

NetScaler ADC

Implementation was straightforward

Excellent design and implementation process

NetScaler ADC

Good overall product but the learning curve could be a problem.

The vendor is aggressive with lots of useful features; Warning: many advertised features are not ready for the enterprise. Support escalation path can be tricky.