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F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Implementation can be overwhelming but once implemented works like a charm!

F5 is an extremely polished organisation from how/sw through technical support. We once had an F5 go out and they FedEx us another one overnight to ensure our uptime.

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family, Other...

great product with awesome support

support, willing to accept our requests for enhencements, costs, quality, wtc

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Initial implementation was easy. Upgrading major versions took some extra help.

The product was extremely simple to install. Our issues came at doing major version upgrades. When we spoke with F5 about the issues, they offered to join us in a screen sharing session to help walk us through the correct procedure. With this now documented, we are fully in control of the service. Using the web interface it's simple to manage and configure.

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Implementation easy. Capabilities broad.

A flexible and easy to deploy solution. Were able to bring staff up to speed from nothing in a matter of weeks.

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Great product, lousy support

F5 offers a very capable product but their support is very lacking. They are chronically understaffed and their growth is exponential which makes for a lack of customer support.

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

VIPRION is great hardware, but it is hard to implement

Vendor sometimes promotes features that are not ready for real production. Support not always knowledgeable on their own product (VIPRION line). Documentation was not up to the task.

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

F5 is a great produt line and fits the needs

Great Company to work with and support

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

F5 LTM Builds agility and flexibility into our application infrastructure.

The agility that the LTM provides is amazing. Built in funtionality aloows us to move quickly to support our applications teams.

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Setup and implementation was quick and easy

We moved from a software based Load Balancer system- Zeus technology load balancer - to the hardware appliance. Since we already had a load balancer in production, moving working loads over to the new one was critical to have minamal if no downtime, and we were able to achieve that with pre-planning. Since then, we have explored the features of the F5 outside of just using it as a local traffic manager.

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Easy. Capgemini is prepared to implementation F5

No comments. Very good experience.