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F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Best Technology you can get

F5 is truly dedicated to their customers. Their base of internal engineers and sales engineers are some of the best network engineers I"ve ever worked with. Beyond just understanding network technologies they understand security, applications and DNS.

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

F5-Taking Customer Facing Applications to the Lext Level.

The technology is solid and proven. The Vendor support and post sales support is excellent. The User Community forum is outstanding. When it is too expensive or time consuming for the application teams to modify, or correct their code in response to changing buisines/Security needs, the iRules are the key to this soluton.

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Good product, but not for robot management.

Generally works well. Robot management technology of the security package is hugely ineffective.

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Use professional services for initial implementation, support may be lacking.

F5 is a great company with amazing talented people and cutting edge innovation. Were F5 fails is in the post sales support. The support is very inconsistent.

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Need to go more towards a software centric solution

Prompt in getting back. Rich feature capability.


F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Deployment Reduced Risk

I have no complaints, all has so far worked as expected

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Ease of admin

work well: seamless integration, lower TCO, good ROI not work well: might need more often patches,

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Implementation can be overwhelming but once implemented works like a charm!

F5 is an extremely polished organisation from how/sw through technical support. We once had an F5 go out and they FedEx us another one overnight to ensure our uptime.

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family, Other...

great product with awesome support

support, willing to accept our requests for enhencements, costs, quality, wtc

F5 Networks BIG-IP Family

Initial implementation was easy. Upgrading major versions took some extra help.

The product was extremely simple to install. Our issues came at doing major version upgrades. When we spoke with F5 about the issues, they offered to join us in a screen sharing session to help walk us through the correct procedure. With this now documented, we are fully in control of the service. Using the web interface it's simple to manage and configure.