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Microsoft Azure

The cloud can save money but only if compliant

It was a good experience but identifed how important planning is for this type of project. This is not just and IT effort it impacts the business and our clients. We also had to ensure the vendor was FedRamp compliant.

Microsoft Azure

Great, Intuitive Dashboard, Constantly Improving set of Services

Their onsite consultants were fairly knowledgeable and willing to hand-hold the team for some periods of time. They helped us configure a DC in Azure, and add various nodes to the domain.

Microsoft Azure

Implementation first wave was successful.

Microsoft gave and keep giving us a lot of support on its overall platform. Implementation has been executed by waves. Soon we are going to check also their new HIP.

Microsoft Azure

Azure Cloud for Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Azure services are well documented. We needed a fast IoT solution with quick success or failure.

Microsoft Azure

An almost overwhelming amount of services and capabilities to leverage...

Our company adopted Azure PaaS services as our Enterprise cloud platform of choice for modern application development. We are trying to embrace an API First, Mobile First, Cloud First reference architecture for any new applications being developed within the organization. Having the capabilites that Azure offers in a PaaS mode are instrumental in making that architectural decision a reality.