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JIRA Software

Implementation was easy

Jira is great for Agile delivery focused on defect management - but needs more work from a Product owner perspective ( even improved reporting /dashboarding)

JIRA Software

Solid feature set

JIRA makes our development process fully trackable and visible to all stakeholders. We rely on it daily.

JIRA Software

Easy to start learning for Marketing workflow management

I use JIRA for workflow management for our marketing team, which serves as an in-house agency for North America in a global company. Our instance of JIRA is very simple and we would like to use more of its capabilities. We relied on the internal expertise and training for this software and that went well. The newest employees on the team adapted to its use very quickly. We will add the use of more features as our use of JIRA matures.

JIRA Software

Gold standard tool for managing scope and defects for any web project

JIRA is a fantastic tool to manage agile sprints, backlog, bugs, enhancements and provide development status. It's an easy to use tool for developers and project managers alike that I've used on several projects in my career. I think the best 'pro' is the intuitiveness of their user interface. I can manage multiple web projects, collaborate with my team members, keep strong documentation on specific scope items, and produce helpful reports on the health of a project. It's one the key tools in my IT toolbox that I use on almost every project. Also, it's well known in the industry so my business partners already know how to use it.

Bamboo, Bitbucket, JIRA Software

Implementation was easy but administration was hard like maintaining workflows

Very well tailored to Agile and love the experience.Implementation was easy but administration was hard like maintaining workflows.

JIRA Software

A fair product that does what it's meant to do

This is a fairly well designed product that does what it's supposed to. We are using it for software developement for release management and to track software bugs/fixes. From this standpoint, this is a good product.

Bamboo, Bitbucket, JIRA Software

Intuitive, feature rich, easy to use agile development system

JIRA has been a great tool to aid our developers in the agile development model.

JIRA Software

Jira is the awesome tool for implementing agile frameworks with clear visibility

Jira is contributing amzingly in our Lean Agile initiative. It has helped us in transformation of legacy approaches and has become the one stop for all project management tasks visibility.

Bitbucket, JIRA Software

Cheap and easy implementation to get started.

Poor licensing model that diminishes ROI when add-ons are purchased and used in a limited capacity. Limitations around email integration forces you to upgrade to the Service Desk. Very flexiable tool that can be adapted for many uses.

JIRA Software

Jira a great product for agile dev teams

I did not have direct contact and not sure, but it seems that all was implemented as needed This is a great product for agile and SaaS teams