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Bitbucket, JIRA Software

Great product for the right size organization

It is a great toolset but can get complex. The cloud version lacked key functionality for us, but growing expertise to run it on premise has been challenging as well.

Bitbucket, Crucible, JIRA Software

Great tools for project and process management, but the real power comes with the add-ons

Plugin ecosystem can become expensive. Some functionality is still not in the base product that you would assume would be. Large installed user base makes requested changes unlikely.

JIRA Software

JIRA software cloud, excellent for what is has, frustrating for what you can't have.

The cloud version of JIRA software works well and is fairly economical but some/most of the more interesting integrations are only available to on-premise or private cloud users

Bitbucket, Crucible, FishEye, JIRA Software

Easy to implement, need to have screenshot feature

So far JIRA is working great, Currently integrated with Subversion and GIT version control systems. Seamlessly works with other integration tools like fisheye and bitbucket. The only challenge is to attach a screenshot. Since java is not supported by some browsers to attach a screenshot.

JIRA Software

JIRA - Best tool in market for engineering process improvements

Great product for business process improvement. Great UI, featureset and query based search are the best features. It is meant for all types of users and can be configured per custom requirements. It has a straigh forward pricing and deployment is easy. They also offer ton of training for variuos types of business users.

Bitbucket, JIRA Software, Other...

Hard to master, but has infinite uses.

Very intense software. Very hard to get training on how to use it if you aren't willing to pay a large amount of money. Once you have training, though, it is very useful and customizable. You can set up virtually any software or business workflow in the system, and log whatever metrics you would like. It is lacking in some features, though. These can be covered by plug-ins but plug-ins cost extra money per month per user if you are on a cloud implementation.

JIRA Software

Good but room for improvement.

Overall, the system is much better than what we had but the user interface seems a bit challenging.

JIRA Software

Functions well, but Confluence or the Service Desk variant may be better options.

Atlassian has been receptive to the few questions we have had, and the online community of users was helpful with troubleshooting issues.

JIRA Software

Implementation was simple, support was excellent and

Very helpful support staff and documentation, many 3rd party add-ons

JIRA Software

Great package, but needs better workflow

We love that we can use Jira for prioritisation and to track process flow. The analytics tools leave a lot to be desired. We need more charts that will help with the following - see how loaded up our individual team members are - let us know how has come in but not been assessed by the product management team - compare sprints - evaluate how far off our estimates were The visual summaries (like dashboards and sprints) are too visually cluttered and make it hard for us to navigate easily while doing backlog and estimation meetings. It is difficult to jump between cases and keep track of where we are. We would also love the integration with something like planning poker.