4.2 out of 5.0 (90 ratings)
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JIRA Software

Strong base, easy to adapt and nice to use. Needs some improvement on custom reporting.

We have an internal customized version of the software. The vendor has been good to work with and has supported us through the many upgrades and improvements through the years. The application has been good to support and adapt to the organization's needs as we transitioned into the agile development environment. It supports a strong integration from requirements gathering through to implementation and support.

JIRA Software

Very good user experiences, great tool for teams running Agile development.

Good user experiences, easy to use, support drag-and-drop Can be intigrated with a lots of plug-ins.

JIRA Software

Implementation was Easy & Open Source Community Adds Lots of Extensions & Support

Times we've had to contact the vendor resulted in good experiences, but we've not contacted them much. Instead, the open source community usually gives us answers when we have issues.

Crucible, FishEye, JIRA Software

Great functionality with excellent ecosystem. Upgrades have been a bit of a headache

Excellent price to performance. OK support.


Implementation was easy and the product was easy to use. Way better than GIT.

Everything has worked out very well.

JIRA Software

Easy to adopt

The cloud based solution was easy to adopt. Did not have to worry about infrastructure, deployment cycles etc.

JIRA Software

Good software to manage software development process

Great software, the overall user experience is very good.

JIRA Software

Product Tool, would benefit from better reporting

Tool is generally productive for our use. Reporting capabilities are complex to set up and not straightforward to access. Lots of capabilities available.

JIRA Software

Full-featured software for managing product development

We have been happy with the stability and performance of JIRA. The software is very flexible to adapt to our workflow and is easy for new users to pick up. At the same time we have been able to introduce advanced workflows where needed. It integrates well with Confluence which we use for a internal documentation.

JIRA Software

Powerful and Inexpensive Tool, Easy to Implement

Overall easy to implement - Customer Support could be quicker however, had a 24 hour SLA it seems. In addition the add-ons can be great, however you need to know what you're doing process wise to make the best use of JIRA and these additional functionalities. A+ on cost compared to other similar tools such as the HP ALM suite.