Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

3.9 out of 5 (14 Ratings)

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HPE Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM)

User Friendly tool

Using this for Capturing Requirements, FS and testing. So far it works great.

HPE Agile Manager

Implementation was medium and needed additional tweaking

The time to implement was long and had many changes that needed to be accomodated for our analysts

HPE Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM)

Great Tools with feature to perform offline testing.

Over the tool is great and working well for multiple work streams within our organization.

HPE Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM)

Ripe for Competition

Implemented with a HP Reseller as HP has little time and zero customer service for customers who do not purchase in the millions. Reseller provided adequate support, but the maturity of the tool and limited mature competition was the reason it was purchased. If a viable alternative with cost-effective option is available, I would definitely move on from HP.

HPE Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM)

Using HP ALM's products suite, as designed, can help produce better quality code

HP is a mature vendor with good client support. there are industry experts to work with both in and out of the HP organization


HPE Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM)

Matured Product that can be used by business and QA

Would like to see custom functionalities catered to our need.

HPE Agile Manager

Implementations is easy but doesn't have features for roadmaps and support for kanban

AGM and PPM are not integrated the way we want them. Also, the current versions don't support scaled Agile such as SAFe and don't help us create roadmaps which should be realtively easy feature.

HPE Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM)

Need better integration with open source development tools.

Scalability and stability on the positive and lack of better integration with application development tools on the negative.

HPE Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM)

Support and Follow up is Good but Does Not Always Solve Issue

Vendor provides good support but when features are removed there is no explanation as to why or how to continue that feature and R&D response is slow.

HPE Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM)

Implementation went well because we partners with a knowledgeable provider.

Overall experience was positive because of the HPE Value Added partner that we used.