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Team Foundation Server

Internal primary ownership led to strong early adoption

We owned most of the implementation ourselves and used the vendor for guidance/questions as needed. That experience enhanced our Day One ownership.

MVC Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server

Not Enough Support / Sales from Microsoft.

For our company I have not seen Microsoft selling the features of TFS. There have been a lot of decisions within our company that relate to CI and CD outside the TFS platform. In short we have turned TFS into a glorified Source Control System. I do believe that is because Microsoft did not demo the tool / train us on teh tool enough.

Microsoft Visual Studio, Other...

VSTS+Visual Studio is the best .net ADM combination we've come across so far

Visual Studio Team Services is really well-thought out with the Visual Studio IDE. Managing repositories, changes, etc, between the two has been seamless so far (outsite the normal conflict resolution with your choice of version control, which is going to happen regardless). Ideally used for MS stack and .net development. Active directory access management throughout makes it that much more seamless. I've been really impressed with the amount of documentation online; they've done an excellent job of walking you through all the funtionality between the two (with robust directions and accurate screenshots). I'd love to see this kept up to date as both VSTS and Visual Studio get updated.

Team Foundation Server

Quick Implementation with intuitive options - Highly compatible with other tools

TFS provides an integrated way to manage both source control and tasks. We were able to use it to manage Tableau Dashboards which is not intrinsically compatible with source control tools. We were able to move our code for different platforms all into one platform with the ability to work with cross functional teams and vendors with relatively easy implementation.

Team Foundation Server

TFS is a well integrated toolset

I feel that TFS is one of Microsoft's best SDLC products, well integrated with development, test, and build tools.

Microsoft Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, Other...

VSTS is working extremely well for us.

Team Collaboration Features (Kanban Board, Code Reviews) are top-notch. Build and Release automation is good. Had delays in licensing.

MVC Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio

MVC with Visual Studio 2015 is Highly Satisfactory Business Solution

Overall experience was very good: product reliability is excellent, support if above average and final implementation and deployment were relatively pain-free and successful.

MVC Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server

A solid platform for Application Lifecycle Management for the Microsoft .NET technology

A solid platform for Application Lifecycle Management for the Microsoft .NEt technologies

Team Foundation Server

Implementing TFS simple

Working with Microsoft has been a pleasure. Easy to talk to with the right people in place

Team Foundation Server

Out of box solution which met our initial needs

As an ALM VSTS has made a great start. However, needs to enhance more capabilities around multi-team collaboration.