Rally (now CA Technologies)

3.9 out of 5 (15 Ratings)

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CA Agile Central

Strong Partnership to Implement and Succeed

The transparency and willingness to partner was and remains a key driver in the positive experience with CA and their products.

CA Agile Central, CA Flowdock

Implementation was easy, tool is great but lacks some additional features.

The tool is really great for work flow management.

CA Agile Central

Tool is good, but the support services are not very good.

Rally did a very good job when they were an independent company. They were customer centric, exceptionally supportive of our efforts and creative in looking at how we can improve our adoption of their technologies. Since the acquisition, their customer responsiveness has decreased substantially. Everything is a cost and if you need services wait times can be 6-9 months.

CA Flowdock

Works out of the box, free with CA Rally

The product works well as a chat system. There are many stream-lined features in Slack that I find work better but we have this for free as a result of using Rally for work item management so it doesn't everything we pay for.

CA Flowdock

Deployment was smooth, Support could be better

We had relatively smooth implementation

CA Agile Central

Made implementation process easy through great usability

Overall the tool was user-friendly, enabled quicker decision making, helped in getting views at various levels of the organization, helped in management of the software development and implementation

CA Agile Central

Didn't realy deal with implementation as it was handled by our intenal Infra team

We didn't had to deal directly with vendor, as it was managed through our internal teams

CA Agile Central

Implementation was a breeze and trianing our users was smooth

Configuration and setup was easy and manageable. Self-service training and massive amounts of online community help.

CA Agile Central

Rally Implementation

Great experience. The consulting and product integration was helpful and contributed to the success of the rollout

CA Agile Central

Implementation was easy, but it is quite difficult to integrate Rally with other tools

Our company adopted Agile methodology at the beginning of 2016 and Rally is the first agile ALM tool that we used. Rally is a fairly easy to use application, especially for users who have just adopted agile development. However, Rally's report functionality is not the most useful and helpful for newcomers of agile and it is a bit expensive for small/mid-size companies.