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Spark (data analytics platform)


- Great performance - Spark SQL capabilities


Easy implementation, a little bulky during user training, however a very useful tool

Took a little time to get a clear understanding of how to use but after training and continued use found the application to be very usable.


lightweight, open source, highly flexible, stable and extra level of security

Tomcat is robust and easy to use application server. Integration to thrid party functionality like SSO is very easy. Easy management and deployment. Its fairly extensible with modules to run things like php, python, etc. Tomcat is an extremely stable platform to build on – and using it to run your applications will contribute to your server’s stability as well.


Services deployed in tomcat in AWS

Very easy to integrate with tomcat in AWS


Great product for a small to medium size web application

it is a very light weight container for Java web application It is open source so no licensing cost Developers are familiar with this product


Free general purpose JSP server... what's not to love?

The software comes with a free royalty free license. It's straightfoward to install and use. Didn't need to reach out to vendor for support.


Implementation is really very easy and out of box.

Deployment is easy, specially the new feature of multiple version deployment and enhancements for performance. Also refactoring done for resources for the inclusion of external resources as well. Can easily be integrated with Apache web server.