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Azure Functions, Microsoft Azure App Service

Great product with the bright future

On the bad side: Roadmap (timeline) for release of the additional features would be appreciated. Support for VisualStudio is not at the desired level (there's only preview for VS 2015). Last minute change of the interface that didn't improve usability. No native support for Azure Vault integration (doable through code, not the best solution). On the good side: Great way to solve many corporate needs when it comes to integration, automation, etc. Nice and simple charging plan.

MVC Framework, Microsoft .NET platform

Great for simple forms

Makes certain MVVM stuff is very easy and clean, but when you need to get more interactive with it, you end up having to double code the same thing in JS.


Careful pre-implementation planning required to ensure desired outcomes

Overall, the product delivers what was promised and has done what was needed and expected. It has provded some new difficulties with respect to training and acceptance.

Azure Functions, MVC Framework, Microsoft .NET platform, Microsoft Azure App Service

Implementation was easy and the end result satisfactory

Stable and predictable outcome with our software solution implementations. Ability to solve issues without the vendor's involvement.

Azure Functions

Prepare Yourself to Move to Azure

Overall, it has been a good experience. Part of it has to deal with how our company implements and customizes software. If we were cookie cutter it would be easy.

Azure Functions

Azure: I should have done it years ago

3rd party vendor support is great, ability to know costing up-front is nice

MVC Framework

Reliable architectural pattern for web apps

The framework provides a very effective solution for deploying web applications. It makes the process of development simple and transparent. Codes are easier to be maintained after released to the market. Nevertheless, there are some trade-off in terms of testing. MVC is not optimized for testing - this somehow offset benefits it brings to the development stage.