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CxSAST On-Premises

Checkmarx for internal

The only shortcomings are mostly self inflicted. Report generation could be more robust and offer more automation.


CxSAST On-Premises

Best static appsec scanner for centralized cross-product application security team

CheckMarx perfectly aligns with requirements of centralized cross-product application security team responsible for 100s of products/applications.


CxSAST Private Cloud

Implementation was seamless given that the private cloud implementation fairly to them.

The overall experience with CheckMarx implementation and support staff has been very good. They did lack some expertise with the private cloud configuration, however, was readily accepted recommendation provided by Time Inc. InfoSec.

CxSAST On-Premises

Great SAST Solution, Not Perfect, But Best Available

The product works well and is certainly of benefit, but I find that intricate issues can take a while for support to acknowledge and create fixes for.

CxSAST On-Premises

good exprience: very good CI integration (Bamboo maven)implementation easy, upgrade easy

good exprience: very good CI integration (Bamboo maven). vendor keeps adding languages (free of charge to paying customers). low level of false positive (compared to HP fortify), good performance, very good professional services support. good customer support (quick and repsonsive). implementation was easy, upgrade path easy. keeps improving performance.

CxSAST On-Premises

Truly disruptive application security solution innovator in a long time

Responsive solution provider, flexible and engages regularly to ensure implementation success

CxSAST On-Premises

Some hiccups early on, but extremely effective SAST platform overall

Checkmarx has satisfied our requirements for a SAST tool while offering excellent functional quality (breadth of checks, depth of checks) and substantial improvements in terms of ease of use compared to competitors. While we had some issues with platform stability early on, support was very responsive and we've found the tool to be sufficiently stable as our deployment has matured.

CxSAST On-Premises

implementation was easy... changing the way the comapny works is the challange

Open, willing to listen, helps out, customer oriented and we found a way to make it work non intrusive

CxSAST On-Premises

Checkmarx, so easy a caveman could use it

We have been with Checkmarx since 2012 and watched them grow and mature as an organization. It was only in the past year, however, that we have signficantly expanded our user base, not due to any specific issues with Checkmarx, but rather due to our own internal challenges. Checkmarx has been a reliable, predictable partner through the years, and have shown consistent improvement and expansion of capabilties. They have been very responsive to our specific requests (even when our requests were far ahead of what we had actually invested in the product to date), and in the vast majortiy of cases they have delivered. Overall a engaged, attentive vendor... refreshing in these times.

CxSAST On-Premises

Automation of SAST offering

Great Partnership and focussed effort to help us automate SAST capabilities at organizational scale