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Implementation is easy, reporting needs improvement

Cigital is very open to discussions to improve products, partner with other offerings they have and work through any existing issues

Automated Ethical Hacking, Manual Ethical Hacking

Cigital has best of breed skills in AppSec.

Top notch, highly skilled staff. Work with minimal supervision.

Automated Ethical Hacking, Dynamic Scanning Services, Manual Ethical Hacking

Excellent service provider and comprehansive service offering

Excellent client engagement, report quality and remediation support.

Automated Ethical Hacking, Manual Ethical Hacking, SecureAssist, Other...

"Top shelf expertise with flexible engagement models"

Cigital has a long record of offering top-shelf expertise combined with flexible engagement models and cost. They scale to meet our engagement needs and develop customized assessment and product solutions when we need them.

Automated Ethical Hacking, Dynamic Scanning Services, Manual Ethical Hacking, SecureAssist

Cigital provides superior guidance, experience and high skillet's that is incomparable.

Overall Cigital has been more than excepetional to work with in maturing of secuirty practices. They have worked with us in help guide processes, improve risk posture and help aling the penetration testing program with industrandy standards. They have also been great to reach out on additioanl general questions. The constant imporventms to thier testing stargery also indicates they are wanting to consualty improve as well. The high level of reports and detailed findings is what we were looking for from a pen test vendor. The remedation support is also great with extra advice needed and professinal assessors reviewing reports with developers. We look forward to continnueing the relationship with Cigtal.

Automated Ethical Hacking, Manual Ethical Hacking

Can scale for large orgs but uses jr testers, very competitive pricing

Pro: Great scalability & turnaround. Offers program management in their overall cost. Very competitively price. Con: Scales with jr testers (educationally very qualified) but who don't have the experience & confidence to support their findings with developers.


Excellent partnership and strategic guidance.

Cigital has been a great help in providing third party verification and strategy. They have been a true partner and are helping guide us in a logical and strategic direction for our code reviews and products.

Dynamic Scanning Services, SecureAssist, Other...

We have proven that this solution can significantly reduce software defects

The product is easy to use for developers and this is essential. We have not experienced any significant resistance from developers using CSA. The breadth of vulnerabilities covered and the languages supported continues to grow and improve.


Write and educate on secure coding

The account manage was very helpful with the implementation. Tool helps the organization become write more secure code.

Automated Ethical Hacking, Manual Ethical Hacking

Good application security penetration testing services, on par with the marketplace.

Overall, the quality of the review themselves in terms of findings were on par with WhiteHat and my internal staff. The portal is very clunky (I prefer WhiteHat), but Cigital is supposedly working out the kinks.