Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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HPE WebInspect Enterprise good, but still looks like the 90's

Implementation was pretty smooth, but a number of our engineers had previous experience with setup and execution of this product. Disappointing that now WIE basically requires Fortify SSC as well.

Fortify Static Code Analyzer, Fortify on Demand

Good Tool

Product is good,, but some times re appear the issues that already fixed

Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Implementation is easy

Working with tool is excellent and when an issue arise vendor is able to help us as soon as possible.

Fortify Static Code Analyzer, WebInspect

A good tool as a part of your toolbox.

Software works relatively well; however, it does take some time to learn and get up to speed in order to optimize and customize for your environment.


WebInspect - Good Tool, Provides good insight into Web Application Vulnerabilities.

Required incremental upgrades from our older versions of WebInspect/AMP to be able to continue to view/use legacy scan database.


Reliable web application security scanning tool.

HP WebInspect is a useful web application security scanning tool. It compliments IBM AppScan and most of the findings are not false positive. The tool is very efficient and accurate in finding vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection.


HP - WebInspect - Boon and Curse.

What has worked - identifying vulnerabilities in applications (boon). What has not worked - building the skill set and retaining them to operate the tool (curse).


Fortify on Demand

Adds security understanding and can be applied through the App Development lifecycle

HP Fortify identified critical security needs which were not identified by other vendors in our trials.

Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Good tool. But may not be the best one.

Produces lots of false positives

Fortify on Demand

Very patient with us as we worked through multiple vendor evaluations.

The HP reps. We have worked with vendor and it have been very responsive to our questions and needs.