Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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Fortify on Demand

Implementation was easy & as expected SaaS Contract Negotiation took the longest time.

Right from the initial Sales contact establishment to the final implementation, the entire sourcing experience was fairly smooth. The tedious part was the SaaS Contract negotiation discussion.

Fortify Static Code Analyzer, WebInspect

Inexpensive, easy to learn

Good support network and knowledgable VAR helped us roll out quickly and rule out more expensive SAaS options. Application developers who were familiar with webinspect wanted to move to Veracode, after a call with HP to discuss webinspect/fortify's static scanning availability along with the low price tag we went with HPE

Fortify on Demand

Great experience

We were looking for a service to provide a comprehensive analysis on vulnerabilities on a single site. HP were great sparring partners, offering excellent pre sales services and adviced, and following up during the implementation. The service did exactly as advertised and was easy to get started with.


HPE WebInspect Enterprise good, but still looks like the 90's

Implementation was pretty smooth, but a number of our engineers had previous experience with setup and execution of this product. Disappointing that now WIE basically requires Fortify SSC as well.

Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Cross Platform, Powerful Code Inspection for common vulnerabilities

We needed a cross platform (.NET, J2EE) code analyzer to test for penetration vulnerabilities. The Static Code Analyzer from HP seemed to have the features we were looking for.

Fortify on Demand

Great service, let's hope the Microfocus deal doesn't spoil it

HPE is very strong and flexible, willing to listen and adapt to our needs.

Fortify Static Code Analyzer, Fortify on Demand

Good Tool

Product is good,, but some times re appear the issues that already fixed

Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Implementation is easy

Working with tool is excellent and when an issue arise vendor is able to help us as soon as possible.

Fortify Static Code Analyzer, WebInspect

A good tool as a part of your toolbox.

Software works relatively well; however, it does take some time to learn and get up to speed in order to optimize and customize for your environment.


WebInspect - Good Tool, Provides good insight into Web Application Vulnerabilities.

Required incremental upgrades from our older versions of WebInspect/AMP to be able to continue to view/use legacy scan database.