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N-Stalker Cloud WebScan

Excellent cost / benefit, especially for those who work with a large volume of websites

We were very impressed with the performance of the N-Stalker platform. Our previous service provider was unable to deliver the results of a detailed analysis in a timely manner. With N-Stalker, we had the experience of running security tests on more than 500 websites in less than 3 days.

N-Stalker Enterprise Edition

Complete scanner of vulnerabilities, quick and easy of use

It is an excellent product that help us to control, audit and review our website, in terms of security, and all of this quickly and when we want. Better website against vulnerabilities improves our business, reputation and performance.

N-Stalker Cloud WebScan, N-Stalker Enterprise Edition

Implementation was quick and easy but still very accurate

Very satisfied with their service and support responsiveness. Implementation was quick and easy but still very accurate, one of the key factors to make a final decision in favor of N-Stalker.

N-Stalker Cloud WebScan

After a year of project, we are very satisfied with the overall result.

The experience is being very good, the technology is surpassing the expectation and we are improving the level of security maturity of our applications. The technical support is also very good, with an N-Stalker engineer allocated directly into our environment.

N-Stalker Cloud WebScan, N-Stalker Enterprise Edition, N-Stalker Free Edition, N-Stalker Infrastructure Edition

N-Stalker is a synonym for vulnerability assessment. Easy to use, top notch support

We are one of the first customers to implement N-Stalker's Cloud WebScan solution for our entire corporation. We are very satisfied with the platform, including the integration mechanisms, support and professional service. We are currently integrating results directly into our LATAM's cyber alert system (SIEM) and the results are very satisfactory.

N-Stalker Infrastructure Edition

Managed Security Monitoring

Amazing experience.