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Qualys Vulnerability Management

"Implementation was easy " Updates were available.

Roll out of appliances into current scope of the network

Qualys Vulnerability Management

Reliable and easy to deploy platform that does need better management of false positives

Qualys has provided a stable and reliable platform for managing our PCI compliance goals. It's relatively straight forward cloud solution enables me to focus on execution verses maintenance and support.

Qualys Vulnerability Management, Web Application Scanning (WAS)

Mature tool with wide ranging capabilities

The cloud-based management with on-site scanner has worked out well for us. The technical ability of the support staff has added a great deal of value to this deployment. Be warned that the tool will only be as strong as your internal policies and processes.

Qualys Vulnerability Management, Other...

Attention to detail goes a long way

A lot of the business requirements that were gathered were not met correctly by Professional Services and to date we are continuing to work through integration issues (the integration completed in October 2016)

Web Application Scanning (WAS)

Static Code Analysis is important in today's world

Qualys has been working well for what we need it for. Since we already had a relationship with them along with familiarity with the product we were able to quickly implement it and start using it.

Qualys Vulnerability Management

Qualys VMS Cloud SaaS via MSP

Scanning interface was intuitive and easy to figure out. Reporting was robust and allowed changes that were required for internal auditing purposes.

Qualys Vulnerability Management

Qualys Vulnerability Management does the job but don't expect many bells and whistles

I found the Qualys software fairly straight-forward, intuitive and easy to implement. They offer free training, which is good, but it's fairly simple. I haven't had much need to contact their support, their online help and user guides are incredibly detailed and cover just about every question I've ever had. I come from a regulatory non-IT background and picked up the software pretty easily. The reporting could use a lot of work and there's little customization available.

Qualys Vulnerability Management

Implementation was easy but the tool needs more threat intel needs to mature

Qualys has been a trusted partner and their ability to adapt to ever changing security landscape has been an asset.

Qualys Vulnerability Management

Qualys - Industry leader providing Exceptional Value

Qualys is the proven market leader in Vulnerability Management. This critical process is too important to risk on not having the best solution. Qualys was easy to impliment and provided immediate value to the business. I would not risk this critical process to another provider.

Qualys Vulnerability Management

Overall good product but customer service is slow and needs improvement.

Overall the product does it's job. The ticketing system was the feature that tipped the scales to select this product and was different from other vendors. It's a a bit slow when moving across screens, so it takes some time to start a scan. But once you are familiar with the options, it's acceptable. Tech support and customer service is slow to respond and not always helpful. I requested for a simple agenda for their conference and had no response. I even called their tech support to pass the message and still no response. This is really bad customer service is only tolerated because their product is good. I will continue to look for improvements with other vendors and may consider a switch once I see improvements.