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Qualys Vulnerability Management

Overall good product but customer service is slow and needs improvement.

Overall the product does it's job. The ticketing system was the feature that tipped the scales to select this product and was different from other vendors. It's a a bit slow when moving across screens, so it takes some time to start a scan. But once you are familiar with the options, it's acceptable. Tech support and customer service is slow to respond and not always helpful. I requested for a simple agenda for their conference and had no response. I even called their tech support to pass the message and still no response. This is really bad customer service is only tolerated because their product is good. I will continue to look for improvements with other vendors and may consider a switch once I see improvements.

Qualys Vulnerability Management, Web Application Scanning (WAS)

Good customer service in a cloud-based solution

Customer service has been good. The vendor worked with us on false positives in the WAS module, helping our development team verify them and incorporating fixes into their roadmap. For the legitimate vulnerabilities the documentation helped the developers quickly implement solutions into our products to eliminate the vulnerabilities. Having the solution cloud deployed has been very beneficial to our organization. The user interface is very intuitive and my team has been able to manage the service with minimal operational support from the vendor. The vendor has upgraded the service in material ways several times during our contract at no cost.

Qualys Vulnerability Management, Web Application Scanning (WAS), Other...

Easy deployment, needs better at-a-glance dashboard reporting

Effective product, generally sluggish email support. Complicated webui, but lots of flexibility due to modular configuration.

Qualys Vulnerability Management, Web Application Scanning (WAS)

Easy to use and great value !

Great overall experience. Good customer service, good reporting. Easy to use. Great value for the breadth of services. Many may say there are “better” scanning tools, but Qualysis has done a great job for us to help us review infrastructure and applications.

Web Application Scanning (WAS)

Good vulnerability scanning tool.

Good vendor.

Web Application Scanning (WAS)

Great vulnerability management solution.

I had a great experience overall.

Web Application Scanning (WAS)

zero maintenance high return.

Great product easy to install and support.

Web Application Scanning (WAS)

Good product but we have failed to implement comprehensively.

Follow up support has been lacking.

Web Application Scanning (WAS)

Managing the system is easy, but initial setup is a bit time consuming.

The system provides the features that I have to customize in other vendors' systems.

Web Application Scanning (WAS)

Qualys offers easy to use tools that offer a wealth of information.

Overall experience was seamless and simple. My Qualys account manager was involved and quick to respond. Qualys technical support are very informative, and the Qualys community was very helpful with training and connecting with others to discuss problems or concerns.