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AppSpider, AppSpiderPro

Quick/Easy deployment for basic features, recommend vendor training for advanced features

I have been a customer of Rapid7 for 8+ years across three different companies. In each instance, I have evaluated their offerings vs the company requirements and each time Rapid7 has offered the best solutions for our business needs.


Strong solution but need to polish

The testing functionality of the solution is strong but the reporting functions are a bit rough and need some attention.


Reliable results; regular updates; responsive support

Support: Except for a period after NTO was acquired by Rapid7, support has been responsive. Our feature requests are considered and in most cases addressed within a few months. One area of support that has been less than satisfactory for our engineers is when information is provided in a ticket and the support engineer asks questions that are already in the initial information or asked and answered. This is a frustrating waste of time. Reliability/Quality: There were a few times when an update broke other functionality, or a bug fix released that didn't fix the reported issue, or a feature released that didn't meet our expectations. Rapid7 was very open to working together to significantly reduce those occurrences. We have not experienced downtime related to AppSpider, and the scanning results are consistent. We get a regular monthly update which addresses bugs + improvements + new features


Minor issues with implementation that where quickly resolved with vendor support.

Rapid 7 was willing to have their engineers for the AppSpider application create an application adjustement within a release just to fixed an issue our company was facing and we only had purchased a single license. Great customer support.


AppSpider Deployment Review

Very Good Overall Experience both with the product and the vendor.


Easy to recommend their (Rapid7) services

Good overall experience. Engineers at Rapid7 are knowledgeable and easy to work with. They were able to accurately identify vulnerabilities.


"Doesn't work for modern and agile web applications"

9 months to operationalize appspider for our environment. Filed over 12 bug reports with enterprise edition during operationalization including bugs that made me think no one is actually using or looking at the results (how is it possible that the double cookie bug didn't affect other users? https://rapid7support.force.com/customers/5001400000smnFU). Scanner has only found one vulnerability of high risk since enabling scans for our main product, and has had a ton of false negatives as well as always false positives due to poorly engineered checks. Scanner doesn't support other browsers except IE and many single page applications writtine in AngularJS, ReactJS, cannot be scanned by the prodcut.


AppSpider, yet another strong product offering from Rapid7

Rapid7 provided a strong, relatively low cost product with excellent customer support. The product performed extremely well versus other products. AppSpider found 30% more issues than the nearest other tool and summarized the details with excellent reporting.


Implementation and rolling out first scan was easy.

The core functionality is working well. We are still working vendor on importing reports into Nexpose. The reports being in separate products has not slowed us down, but are curious to the end result.


Give you great flexibility for scanning, but lacks mature reporting features

Overall this product works as advertised. Though, the information and reporting can be greatly improved. What drew my organization to this product was the ability to get both on-premise services and a cloud managed service.