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Dynamic Analysis

configuring scans is a breeze and the offerings are spectacular.

Dynamic scanning has been proven to be 95% with the OWASP vulnerabilities is is able to detect. We're able to drive decisions and manage risks.

Dynamic Analysis, Static Analysis

Implementation was easy. The Sales Process was Painfull

Sales process was painful. We were constantly called and bothered even after we were provided a future date to move the project forward. Implementation was easy.

Static Analysis

Customer Focused Security Consultants Drives Veracode Forward.

I enjoy the customer focused approach from their consultants.

Static Analysis

Easy to implement and empowers developers to run and review their application scans

This product was very simple to rollout. We were able to get it up and running in minutes. We started with a subset of users. Once they were trained on the product we went another layer down. This was incredibly easy to implement and we had a high rate of developer adoption. We saw phenomal results in reducing our security risk within the first six months.

Static Analysis

Great Support but better SQL injection capability needed.

Disappointed with limited ability to ID SQL injection flaws.

Software Composition Analysis, Static Analysis

Overall a great tool for inspecting application's security.

Veracode provides us with a quick, accurate, and details on security issues found in new application development.

Dynamic Analysis, Static Analysis

Application Security: make SAST a developer’s tool (not the security team's)

I have used the tools from all the major application security vendors, using any of the tools is great improvement in VS manual or limited testing. Veracode is really strong in SAST, customer service and has improved its ability to integrate within the development environment. This space is changing rapidly and improving constantly. I would say the number #1 differentiator of any of the SAST tools is how closely they integrate with your development environment. Unlike most traditional security tools, SAST tools really need to integrate closely with the development community, not the security community.

Dynamic Analysis, Static Analysis

Great results, keeps our site secure with confidence.

Willingness to work with us on all issues especially in the beginning, and the ease of use.


Static Analysis

Implementation was quite easy.

Quite satisfied.