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Very succesfull roll out in a global and complex environment

Very high standard of SAP Security expertise and high comittment on delivery. Vendor IT service management processes (e.g. incidentmanagement, no support portal (support via insecure e-mail), releasemanagement) still very immature.


Overall good product to be recommended

Consulting and initial assessment very well, customer focused with technical expertise - no "colorful sales pitch" - product runs stable, technical support is fast and efficient; The implementation however only covers two SAP landscapes selected as pilot. The pilot works very well, but due to significant internal restructuring, the work to convince the new larger organization to adopt this technology is almost at start again...


Total satisfaction

Vendor has great expertice in ABAP develoment and especially security concerns. Support has always been very responsive and the product itself is simply running and giving results you can rely on. The innovations (new rules, new functionality) that are brought into the product are well-thought and at just the right pace, not to slow, not to fast.