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ActiveBatch IT Automation

Product works great. Wish the licenses were not so costly.

Other than the sales person being a little pushy I was pleased with the overall experience of purchasing and choosing this Product. It has helped us to automate several reports and stabilized our reporting environment. Our nightly data process finish is a more timely manner allowing business users to access critical data earlier in the work day.

ActiveBatch IT Automation

ActiveBatch helps make you more efficient

Our company decided to move from UNIX to LINUX for our major core products. As a result, we needed to move all of the support scripting to Linux. Legacy scripts and Korn shell jobs had not been touched for years. The description of what the scripts were doing in many cases was not well documented increasing the risk of migration failure. The company needed a tool that was flexible allowing us to move the jobs and scripts still maintaining many of current scripts and processes that would now run under Linux. ActiveBatch allowed us to cut our automation time so that we could meet deadlines for the project as well as providing a template for documenting the processes and setting a path for improvement of the overall batch processes. It provided the organization, manageability, and restart features that have increased our efficiency in the batch environment. In addition to managing the batch environment, the permissions and roles can be set based on the company needs. In the past, developers had to hunt down systems associates to restart jobs that failed. And most jobs running in the middle of the night if failed waited until morning to get restarted forcing delays in reports and client delivery. ActiveBatch provides alerts and restart capabilities that has increased our efficiency, improved performance and increased customer satisfaction.

ActiveBatch IT Automation

Implementation was easier than expected. Continuing to find new features and functionality

This is an outstanding scheduling tool. It provides easy to implement solutions, yet is very flexible. The user documentation is excellent as it provides a comprehensive level of detail on all functionality in easy to understand terminology. The ability to configure process flows within the tool seems limitless. In over 2 years of use and conversion from an existing scheduler, there are not many situations we have run into that cannot be handled with standard, out-of-the box functionality. The freedom to structure folder, plans and sub-plans is fantastic for support. Within our environment, we build a significant amount of the process flow logic into the scheduler (as opposed to just calling batch jobs and triggering subsequent batch jobs on completion). ActiveBatch allows users to tie vastly different process steps into a single workable flow -- e.g. you can set variables in one step, make database calls in the next, trigger and executable on a separate server, copy files, run a visual basic script, execute a Java method and send an email when complete. These are significantly different technologies running on different servers, all tied seemlessly together in a single UI.


ActiveBatch IT Automation

A capable and reliable product.

I am very satisfied overall with ActiveBatch, a capable and reliable product. On the front end, the client /job design component is user-friendly and provides the structure for a well organized and maintainable job hierarchy given proper planning and foresight. Includes a very capable jobs library providing integration widgets with many computer resources and services. You do not have to use this capability if you are concerned with tight coupling to the vendor but it is very useful. The front end includes nice views for real-time monitoring of your jobs across your enterprise. On the back end, batch processes (properly engineered for error detection) run transparently. ActiveBatch can communicate issues and failures via multiple channels. The Client API is, unfortunately, COM based but works well. Bottom line, after about 8 years of use I can say that ActiveBatch can reliably maintain and run your enterprise batch processing. You will be very pleased with it as we are.

ActiveBatch IT Automation

Makes automating processes very easy.

Really like the product.

ActiveBatch IT Automation

Implementation and upgrade is easy.

So far we are quite happy about ActiveBatch product as it is reliable and flexible.

ActiveBatch IT Automation

Straightforward and Intuitive Product with Great Support

Every aspect of our relationship with ASCI has excelled. The product itself meets our needs well - and is capable of more which we have not yet implemented. The few times I've needed support, I've gotten knowledgable staff with a great attitude - I've never had a question not answered to my satisfaction. The administrative staff are also very helpful, but "to the point" - they respect that I don't want to spend too much time just maintaining licensing and other similar tasks!

ActiveBatch IT Automation

The initial setup was easy, the biggest issue I have is larger company buy-in.

I have been very happy with Active Batch and what I am able to perform. So far I have been able to create a schedule for anything the business needs. The product has been very flexable.

ActiveBatch IT Automation

Easy implementation and extensive documentation available.

The product is solid and we rely on it 24x7. Technical support is super fast and extremely good at their job. Perhaps the nicest support staff I've ever worked with. Extensive online knowledge base and very comprehensive documentation. Our in-house automation hasn't found anything we can't do with the product as of yet. We chose to train staff all at once with a remote classroom. The instructor was very good and prepared well for the class but gathering information specific to my site, even including adjusting the pace for some students based on their experience and skill set.

ActiveBatch IT Automation

Advanced System Concepts moves your business forward automatically

At all times, the vendor has answered any questions posed to them in a timely and proficient manner. The answers were always to the point and answered the question posed to them. In fact, if the question proved to be complex or turned out to be a defect or enhancement they will provide the extra effort to provide a workaround or alternative solution.