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UrbanCode Deploy

Makes deployments easier and consistent, but define org. structure and processes first

We had initially purchased IBM Rational Application Framework to offload our manual application deployments targeting WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Message Broker (IIB) and WebSphere Portal so we could focus on more meaningful work. Shortly thereafter, IBM acquired UrbanCode and identified it as their long term solution for ARA. We did an internal POC as well as an extended SOW with IBM to verify it would perform for those identified middleware targets. The SOW took longer than expected and we did not get all of the desired deliverables due to changes in IBM personnel, but we did see enough to know we could use it to deploy just about anything, as well as being able to execute operational type tasks. It is worth noting that this implementation is a bottom-up initiative and progress is slower than we would desire. We are in the process of bringing multiple applications onboard and there is an overall excitement about using the product.

UrbanCode Deploy

Easy to install and use with a bug

The learning curve was smooth. However, we ran into problem with CI. The Udeploy was continuously taking a build from Nexus in every 10 minutes. The timing error occurs when the RTC build and reposit the build to Nexus. like an older version of build goes out to production because of the short duration of CI. Even the expansion of the time interval won't solve this problem and it is a bug the IBM need to fix with new version. Other than that, this works great with different environmnets and publishes output in quick and effective manner.

UrbanCode Build, UrbanCode Deploy

Re-evaluating target e2e SDLC autoamtion strategy

Cultural issues and enterprise stratagy definition has slowed the adoption

UrbanCode Deploy

Amica improves environment stability and reliability through DevOps using UrbanCode

We have had a great relationship and have had outstanding access to the developers whenever we have questions, issues or need a fix