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vRealize Code Stream

CICD at its best, plus infrastructure-as-code automation with vRA

Great product, easy to install and run.

vRealize Code Stream

Caution on consulting services and prescribed upgrade path

went through three pm's in consulting services. vmware tech expertise very siloed. vmware works from playbooks, do not deviate from "path" or consultants do not know how to problem solve. lsatly, upgrade from v6 to v7 VERY painful.

vRealize Code Stream

An evolving product with big potential but intensive to support

We partnered with the vendor closely, and they were very willing and happy to help with creating custom workflows for us. They assisted us with integrating a variety of 3rd party automation utilities we chose to use, and were able to pull a wide variety of technical resources to work on our project. This product seems like it is still maturing overall, due to large changes between different versions, and the inexperience of many of the vendors SMEs in actually deploying more nuanced flavors of the product.