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Case management solutions

Microsoft Case Management System adapts to a variety of case management domains

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Case management solutions


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Case management solutions

Microsoft Case Management for a Federal/DoD Entity

Microsoft was selected to support development of our case management system due to their experience in the field, existing platforms (CRM), and availability of both Microsoft and third-party IT personnel to provide long-term support for the system. Microsoft introduced us to new ways of supporting our customers and the requirements collection process; this was done through development "sprints" where the solution was developed and provided along the way so that course correction could be taken to ensure the correct end product. Additionally, rather than just focusing on the original set of requirements, information was collected through "user stories" that allowed our customers and stakeholders to explain not just the what, but the how regarding their business process, workflows, and expected results. This enabled Microsoft to provide recommendations that not only met the technical requirements, but facilitated improvements to business processes rather than automating bad processes.

Case management solutions

great team and product.

Was a great team to work with and seamless testing.