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Pega 7

Off to a strong start with an MVP in Pega; integration and more workflows to follow.

The Pega team created a prototype in less than two weeks.

Pega 7

Pega helps add visibility and agility to case management

The software is very functional and is user-friendly both for developers/configuration people and end-users. It was a big step forward in our business process management software. As an insurance company, case management is key for us. Pega allowed us to more easily create workflows that are flexible and added visibility to our processes. While we had our difficulties with training, we are pleased with the software so far, and will continue to convert workflows from legacy systems to pega to increase their visibility and agility.

Pega 7

Easy to on board but would need advanced expertise for data focused applications

Good technical guidance during implementation. More integration and data focused resources would have been better.

Pega 7

Complex implementation with multiple layers and many moving parts.

Business processes are mapped into solution improving customer experience and reducing complexity.

Customer Process Manager framework

Complex Implementation

Has improved business rules

Pega 7

Good product but needed more customized functionalities

It's been good but a little slower response from the vendor on our questions and problems

Pega 7

PEGA7 Upgrade goes smoothly

Upgrade to Pega7 went very smoothly and was considered a non-event by the business team. The new version is performing in a high manner and driving success.