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Customer Process Manager framework, Pega 7

Great tool but difficult to find skilled resource

What worked well - Responsive They have experienced resource. Didn't work well They are expensive.

Customer Process Manager framework, Pega 7

Way easy to use & great customer experience

Excellent client/user interaction

Customer Process Manager framework, Pega 7

Great Product with many capabilities

Great product and a great team to work with. They were with us helping us implement the best form possible.

Pega 7

Implementation was fast, but it has created a lot of inefficiencies

I think, the comms between 2 tech teams is broken. Pega doesnt provide any support Pega training is mostly something you would expect them to provide to client to create power users

Customer Process Manager framework, Pega 7

Upgrade went well after developing pattern

Upgrade were challenging in the past, but Pega provided an upgrade center that really helped speed up upgrades.

Pega 7

Good early experience.

Low code deployment option with several 3rd party integrators (small to large). Strong pre-sales engagement and support through deployment. SaaS model is meeting needs to date and within estimated cost envelope. In the early years of adoption, but overall satisfied with the quality of the product and integration/support community.

Pega 7

Success story

We engage with the vendor only when issues arise or new functionality needs to be implemented.

Customer Process Manager framework

Good implementation, talented, however large programs need direct guidance.

Willing to accommodate, extremely customer focused. No out of the box thinking, you get what you will design. very expensive.

Pega 7

Pega has been a great partner to Bank of America

Leveraged Pega Enterprise license and our long-term relationship. Very satisfied.

Pega 7

Off to a strong start with an MVP in Pega; integration and more workflows to follow.

The Pega team created a prototype in less than two weeks.