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Great product! Very happy w/ ClearStory technology and support!

implementation was very easy. easy to use, has improved our operations and decision making significantly.


Fast implementation, easy to use and great customer experience

It was very quick to set up ClearStory within my company, connect to my data and get access to all my spreadsheets in a single solution. I was able to see insights within days and setup StoryBoards for daily updates. My team is logging frequently to see updates and collaborate. Support from ClearStory has been exceptional and they have been very supportive from day 1.


Painless implementation, intuitive interface and faster insights

ClearStory is very intuitive to use and having been disappointed by other solutions, it has been the best analytics tool we've tried. It's constantly improving and new features are added frequently. We have data from multiple sources and joining those data sets is really easy with their automatic "harmonization". Clearstory made it easy to gain busines insights faster than before and without a lot of IT help. The initial set up and getting started was very easy and we appreciate the variety of learning materials available.


Next Generation Business Intelligence at a fraction of the cost

We have worked with all of the traditional BI tools - from ETL to Visualization. All of them took a signfiicant amount of effort to set up, acquire the skills to use effectively, and gain business benefits of true insights. Each also came with a high financial burden. With ClearStory Data, we had access to the running platform within minutes. It only took us a matter of a few hours to ingest our data sets and build the initial visualizations (Stories) and gaining insights into our customer spending patterns. All of this was done without a single infrastructure specialist, database administrator, or trained report writer. Business analysts are able to quickly gain sufficient skills to using the platform's features. This rapid return on investment has been key to some of the insights those analysts have discovered by working with the data. We're confident this would not have been possible with traditional BI tools.