3.7 out of 5 (6 Ratings)

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Datameer helped us get up and running on Hadoop very quickly

Datameer was leading edge a few years back as far as Hadoop was concerned. They have been a very good partner.


Needs to adopt quickly to market trends

ETL jobs ran fine. We had problems with the propreitary data format for datameer


Great tool for getting started with Hadoop, both for IT and Business users

Datameer has proven to be a reliable vendor and continues to give us great support.


Great for data processing and no learning curve

Datameer provides a easy-to-use GUI interface to interact with large volume of data. The time required from data to insight can be significantly reduced. It provides a platform in which even inexperienced data analysts can start a analysis task within no time. However, for advnaced analytics there are many limitations.


Allows us to hit the ground running.

Very rapid deployment and adoption by target business users. Excellent support and on-going engagement towards product improvement, new use-cases, etc.


Product looks promising and have potential for Data Discovery and Self Service.

Too early to tell.