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Business Monitor

good performance higher expenses

insurance experience was not the expected

Business Monitor

Implementation was problematic and complex. Bad UX.

We had implementation issues and 3rd party issues. We also had big expectations that were not fulfilled and had a lot of issues with support.

Cognos Insight

easy to manage

Sometimes support is good when it's a standard problem. If problem is complex and non-standard, support flounders. Training is good.

IBM Watson Analytics

IBM Analytics

The out of the box visualisations needed to be redesigned to fit our organisation needs using IBM design thinking method.

IBM Watson Analytics

Good start, promising future

Product was fairly immature during our implementation so some capabilities were still on the roadmap and not yet deployed. Future does look promising for this tool and we are continuing to track it's evolution.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Implementation was easy but the clients demand included many more features and flexibility

Working with IBM gives a confidence due to the proven expertise in the industry and at the same time with the clear future roadmap. Because of long standing relationship it was a smooth delivery experience without any hitch.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Nice Capable BI Tool, could be more userfriendly

Generally OK for the time being, but Tableau advanced faster.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Cogons Analytics aka 11

Overall 1v1 produt got rewritten with greate functionality and features

IBM Cognos Analytics

Implementation was seemless

Working with a proven leader but working with interactive dashboards do not seem to be as advanced as some of the competitors

IBM Cognos Analytics

Good vendor support on short timeframes

The vendor was willing to work with us on a very compressed timeframe and provided outstanding support to our staff for implementation.